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Have You Played… Hatoful Boyfriend?

They're such talented birds

You know that Netflix true crime documentary Evil Genius? Like, you watch it and every episode there’s a twist so off the wall that it’s basically formed a new floor, and there was no way you could have predicted it? And you’re like “Okay, but no way there’ll be another twist like that in the next episode?” That experience is similar to playing Hatoful Boyfriend.

Imagine Evil Genius wasn’t a true crime documentary, but an otome visual novel where you are the only human girl in a school full of cute boy pigeons (and other birds), and then you date those pigeons. There are multiple endings so you have to play it loads, or you might miss out on e.g. finding out your character lives in a cave, dating your teacher (who is also a bird, remember), and several different conspiracy theories.

The first time you see all your potential love interests it is in their bird form, and then after that it’s a cute anime waif boy. But they are still actually a bird. You are macking on with pigeons, the used tissues of the skies.

People don’t like this game ironically, btw. It’s not, like, so bad it’s good. It is genuinely at least an 11/10 game.

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