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HARDER FASTER PIGEONIER: Hatoful Boyfriend Remake 

Love birds

You didn't play Hatoful Boyfriend? You didn't? Look above these words. Behold your tragic error.

Whether the playing-it-straight pigeon-based high school dating sim/ visual novel needs a remake I don't know. It was funny the first time and all that. But hell, better this than 90% of the kill-crazy bobbins that we're going to see pumped down the vid-tubes for most of next week.

UK devs Mediatonic (of Amateur Surgeon and Foul Play fame) have hitched a ride with reliably subversive publisher Devolver Digital to remake the 2011 Japanese VN, which found its way to admiring Western eyes courtesy of fan translations. There's no word yet on what Hatoful '14 will do differently, beyond presumably a new translation, but I'll guess at higher-res art and perhaps a few more feathery suitors & their associated arcs.

Whatever else, it's a worthy second chance for the world to experience the highs, lows and devastating heartbreaks of high school pigeons in love.

Hatoful Boyfriend is due for release this Summer, and there are E3 briefings that will likely result in more precious, precious facts before then.

Here's a video clip of a ropily-translated version of the original game:

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