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Red Dead Redemption 2: Dinosaur Bones locations guide

Where to find all the dinosaur bones on the map.

Long before the Wild West existed, dinosaurs roamed the earth until a big ol’ meteor obliterated them all. Keep an eye out for dinosaur bones as you trot through New Hanover and you could genuinely redisover their former glory.

There are a total of 30 dinosaur bones scattered across Red Dead Redemption 2’s map, and you’ll need to kickstart the “A Test of Faith” Stranger Mission to kickstart your excavation career.

One reason you'll want to find all of the dinosaur bones is to earn the coveted 100% completion trophy. Otherwise, you'll also be rewarded handsomely for your excavation efforts. Mail off 1 bone for a Quartz Chunk, 15 for a special Skull Statue and all of them for a unique Jawbone Knife. All in all, this hunt is for the completionists out there.

Many dinosaur bones can be found on top of mountains, and some only become available once you've completed the main story. To make life easier, use Eagle Vision when you think you're close to a dinosaur bone as it'll help you locate them much faster.

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All Dinosaur Bones locations

Here’s a complete list of all dinosaur bones locations across Red Dead Redemption 2’s map:

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Dinosaur BoneLocation
Heartlands #1South Heartlands, on an open hillside.
Heartlands #2Southeastern Heartlands, bone is in the dried-up river, near the cliff edge.
Heartlands #3Under the oil derrick, bottom of the well.
Dewberry Creek #4Just south of the "L" in "Lemoyne".
Dewberry Creek #5Near the track, north of the "D" in "Dewberry". It's lying there exposed in a large dry patch of earth.
New Hanover #6Just west of the house above the “O” in “Hanover”.
Kamassa River #7Right next to the “I” in “River”, bottom of a large rocky hill.
New Hanover #8West of Van Horn Trading Post, in the middle of a forest south of Jawbone Clearing.
Roanoke #9Tucked between the “O” and “A” in “Roanoke”. South east of Brandywine drop. Middle of a brown patch of earth.
Roanoke #10On top of a large rocky hill. Smack bang in the middle of the thick, dotted track, west of Roanoke Valley.
Grizzlies #11West of The Loft, on top of a hill.
Grizzlies #12South of the “S” in “East” in Grizzlies East. At the top of a mountain.
Donner Falls #13West of Donner Falls, north of Mysterious Hill Home. Imprinted on a rock, leading up to a hilltop.
Bacchus Station #14Just under the “S” in “Station”. On a hilltop.
Cotorra Springs #15South of this location, by the hump in the thin dotted track on the map. On a cliff edge.
Cumberland #16Head south of the “C” in “Cumberland”, it’s just by a cliff edge.
Dakota River #17Directly west of Chadwick farm, on the other side of the Dakota River. It’s imprinted on a rock face.
Dakota River #18South of the location we’ve described above. On the other side of the river this time. It’s on a hilltop.
Dakota River #19South of the Cumberland falls sign on the map and east of the Dakota River sign nearby. It’s on a large rockface.
Grizzlies West #20Head north west of Wallace Station, or directly west of Cattail Pond and it’s in a cave out in the open.
Big Valley #21Directly north of the “G” in “Big”. It’s right on top of the dotted track on the map. You’ll find the map out in the open.
Big Valley #22On the track leading west out of Mount Shann. On a cliff edge.
Hennigan Stead #23South of the second “N” in “Hennigan”. At the base of an enormous cliff face.
Greenhollow #24Just south east of Greenhollow, near the San Luis River. Out in the open.
Rio Del Lobo Rock #25 Just south east of the “K” in “Rock”. On top of a hill.
Rio Bravo #26Just south of the “B” in “Bravo”. Out in the open, near a small hilltop.
Mercer Station #27North of Mercer Station. West of Jorge’s Gap. Out in the open.
Cholla Springs #28North of the “S” in “Springs”, very close to the tracks. Out in the open.
Tumbleweed #29South of the “L” in “Tumbleweed”. Out in the open near a cliff face.
Gaptooth Ridge #30Tucked between the “D” and “G” in “Ridge”. It’s on top of a very large hill.

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