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Big fixes and quality-of-life features on the way for Fallout 76 on PC

Giant radioactive bugs need a bigger swatter

It feels like understatement of the week to say that pseudo-MMO spinoff Fallout 76 had a rocky start. All through beta to launch, the game has been plagued by bugs, and Bethesda still putting out the worst of the fires. In a Reddit post today, the studio outlined their road-map for the next two weeks, including some major issues to be hammered out. They're also working on a bundle of improvements for the PC version of the game, including ultra-widescreen support, a field-of-view slider and a push-to-talk setting so you're not constantly broadcasting to the wasteland.

While the exact contents of the updates may change, the plans are for two major patches to be released on December 4th and December 11th respectively. The first one is mostly bug-fixes, addressing issues like:

  • Bosses not dropping enough loot
  • Respawning when encumbered dumping you back at Vault 76
  • Being forever trapped in a suit of power armour
  • Players moving at a crawl for TWO FULL HOURS when zapped with a Cryolator

Those are just the most notable issues - they also claim that performance improvements are on the way, too. For the December 4th patch, Bethesda also plan on increasing the size of the player stash from 400 to 600 items. A great change for pack-rats who want to hoard absolutely everything they find. Mostly coffee cups.

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The December 11th update looks to be more feature-focused. C.A.M.P-building should be less of a pain. If you log into a server where your base's location is already taken, instead of unceremoniously dumping it all back into your inventory as a blueprint, players will be presented the chance to just hop to another server with a little more breathing room. They're also adding the option to clear small trees, rocks and other items of clutter from your campsite, making building easier. Players who have also hit level 50 will be able to partially respec their SPECIAL points, too.

Specific to the PC, those with fancy 21:9 monitors will be able to enjoy the game without stretching or pillarboxing soon. There's no mention of custom aspect ratios, however, so those with absurd horizontal multi-monitor setups won't see much improvement. An FOV slider is also on the way, letting you see more of the world at the cost of performance. They're also adding a push-to-talk button, which should make the game far more playable for those who use Discord or Teamspeak for chat, or just don't want to have every swear or keyboard-click shared with the world.

All good fixes, from the sounds of it, but surely some of these seem higher priority than a patch scheduled for next week at the earliest. The Cryolator problem and being trapped in power armour especially. The game has had some gnarly issues fixed already, like a complete server meltdown at launch, plus the occasional unwillingly immortal player character. Bethesda have a long, well-earned reputation (I played Daggerfall version 1.0) for their games being buggy at launch, but this release has felt especially rough. Here's hoping they can hammer out the kinks.

For those already neck-deep in radiation and struggling to make your home away from vault-home, Dave Irwin's guide to CAMP-building might help, at least until they add that bulldozer feature.

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