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Fallout 76 player begs Bethesda for the sweet relief of death

Just make it stop

"My character currently is unkillable", begins Reddit user "Brogadyn", "and I mean... really unkillable. She can even eat a nuke blast to the face and be fine. There is literally zero ways that she can die even if I wanted her to (which I very much do at this point)."

"Brogadyn" recently encountered a Fallout 76 bug that gave their character permanent god mode. They aren't happy.

Being a responsible immortal, Brogs doesn't reveal how to replicate the bug. They do reveal that being shrugged at by their mortal coil has left their life feeling unfulfilled, and that Bethesda don't seem to care.

Brogs sent them a support ticket last Friday, and received a boilerplate response yesterday that suggests no one actually looked into their plight. The response starts with some useless information about how to check your characters status, and "continues with basic information that feels like a huge kick in the teeth at this point. There is a lot of things that are restricted to me right now - such as mutation farming because I cannot cure anything, I am considered at 0hp."

I do admire how Brogs is steering clear of PvP out of respect for their ephemeral fellow players.

"I've had to limit myself to more boring activities because I do not want my exploration, or the PvP aspect ruined by my godmode, and the annoying thing is that at some point I'm just going to have to not care if they cannot fix it - my character is currently nearly level 100, and just hit the cap limit - so what the heck am I supposed to do besides actually starting to make all content in the game trivial? I'm really frustrated and I have no idea what I'm supposed to do - it seems that they can't even slay my character for me, or at least didn't mention that even though that's practically what was I begging for in the ticket - but I'm unsure if it was a person replying, or simply some automated answer."

What's life without challenge, eh?

Cheers, Twin Galaxies.

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