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Rapture Rejects launches into early access with a free weekend

Dropping a literal F-Bomb on someone is fun.

Based on webcomic and cartoon series Cyanide And Happiness and developed by Galvanic and Explosm, Rapture Rejects is a rude and crude isometric battle royale shooter out in early access today and free for the weekend. The Rapture has happened, and the last idiots alive fight for God's amusement, with the lucky last survivor getting the final ticket to heaven. Up to fifty players run around scavenging weapons like the Toaster Full Of Knives and CD Launcher while dropping literal F-Bombs on each other and trying to outrun Armageddon. It's out now, and free to try until Monday, 6pm GMT. An impressively dumb trailer lurks below.

Rapture Rejects does have a pretty distinct feel to it. Combat tends to be up-close and messy thanks to projectiles being slow, and cover is not only essential but easily found. There's a lot of maneuvering involved in scoring a kill, and you can't really sneak up on someone unless they're got their view rotated (do so regularly) so as to hide you from their vision. Weapons have alt-fires, and there's a lot of focus on just getting in there and brawling. Whether that'll draw the Fortnite or Plunkbat crowds, I wouldn't even hazard a guess. Multiplayer audiences are fickle things.

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The game does offer good character customisation, too. Characters have no defined gender, but there are toggle-boxes to add vague bulges for (and I quote) "Boobs" and "Dong" and you can have either, neither or both. The couple rounds I just played seemed to be running under fifty players on the European server, but the game had only just come out moments ago. This is of course an early access release, and there's plenty more planned. Galvanic and Explosm don't think it'll be finished until early 2020, and one of the biggest features planned is procedurally generated maps.

Rapture Rejects is out now in early access here on Steam, and free to try until Monday, December 3rd at 6pm GMT. It's a teensy 166mb download, too. After the weekend, it'll cost £15.49/€16.79/$19.99. TinyBuild are publishing this one.

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