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Video: The shark RPG and other hidden gems of E3 2018

E3's hidden gems

Now that the festival of bellowing that is E3 2018 has come to an end, we begin the arduous process of making sense of it all. This means sifting through mountains of press releases and trailers to find all the curious games that lurked outside the spotlight glare of the larger publishers. And we find such treats as Maneater (Jaws RPG where you play as Jaws), Rapture Rejects (battle royale where you fight for the last spot in heaven) and Neo Cab (Uber-sim meets Blade Runner). So many delightful things, in fact, that new video person Noa couldn't resist gathering them together.

Cover image for YouTube video

After watching the E3 trailer, I’m kinda considering turning the RPS YouTube channel into a Sable fan community. It ticks so many boxes: a vast open world that cribs its ‘the journey is the adventure’ philosophy from Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but with a breadcrumb trail of narrative bites written by Meg ‘80 Days’ Jayanth. Like Zelda, it also lets you climb up pretty much anything, as long as you have the stamina bar for it. The only thing better than carefully scaling a massive cliff is scaling it and finding a wodge of Jayanth’s words at the top. I am very keen.

I’m also keen on The Forgotten City, a standalone remake of the popular Skyrim mod of the same name. I remember dipping into this tale (a murder mystery in a city where if one person sins, the whole population will die) a few years ago and thinking that it showed too much wit and effort to contentedly live in Bethesda’s bizarro dumping ground of Thomas the Tank Engine mods. It’s arguably better than any of their official DLC. Yes, even that exciting one where you build a fantasy bungalow.

We’ll be covering all these hidden gems and more in much more detail in videos over the coming months. So please consider subscribing to the RPS YouTube channel.