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Red Dead Redemption 2: Gunslingers guide - all gunslinger locations

Where to find every gunslinger and complete this mission.

Once you’ve reached Chapter 2 in the story, talk to the stranger “Theodore Levin” at the bar in Keane’s Saloon, Valentine. He’ll give you four photos as well as a camera. This triggers the mission, “The Noblest of Men and a Woman” questline which’ll task you with finding four renowned gunslingers.

When tracking down each gunslinger, it’ll follow the same pattern. You’ll need to examine the photos Levin gave you, flip them, read the text and it’ll mark their locations on the map. Simply head to each map marker and you’ll kickstart the mission.

Below we’ll guide you through each of the encounters so you can get this mission ticked off.

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Emmet Granger

  • Head to the highlighted area, east of Flatneck Station.
  • Speak to the man, who turns out to be Emmet Granger.
  • When you’re asked to clean the hog pen, pick up the pitchfork and scoop up the manure before depositing it in the wheelbarrow.
  • Once the cutscene has ended, place Dynamite on the manure pile.
  • Things transpire, and it’ll lead to a duel.
  • Squeeze [R2]/[RT] lightly to fill up the meter, then press it down to draw your weapon. There’s no way to save Emmet here, so line up a crisp headshot.
  • When he’s down, grab his weapon and take a photo of his corpse.

Black Belle

  • Head to her location on the map, which is cabin at Bluewater Marsh.
  • Once you’ve met up with her, a number of bounty hunters will arrive.
  • Press [square]/[x] to blow up the dynamite when prompted.
  • Now it’s a case of eliminating all the bounty hunters.
  • When the dust has settled, take a photo of Black Belle. There is no fight, and no weapon drop at the end of this mission.
  • Don’t be afraid to go ahead and loot all the corpses. There’s a Cigarette Card in her cabin as well as few valuable too.

Billy Midnight

  • Go to the train station in Rhodes and speak to the clerk at the ticket booth.
  • Proceed onto the train that conveniently stops at the station. Turn right, and walk down the train until you reach the bar carriage. It’s here where you’ll bump into Billy Midnight nursing a drink.
  • Once the cutscene is over, give chase.
  • Things will end in a duel once again and there’s no way to save him. Even if you disarm him, or opt to shoot him in a non-fatal fashion, he’ll either take his own life or die from another gun wound to the hand.
  • When the deed is done, grab his gun and take a picture of his body.
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Flaco Hernandez

  • Head to the map marker. Flaco’s hiding out to the southeast of Colter.
  • When you approach the camp, you’ll be threatened by Flaco’s gang. You can choose to dispatch them all, or threaten them. Choose the latter option and they’ll let you through to Flaco’s shack.
  • Approach Flaco’s shack, holster your weapons and a cutscene will ensue.
  • Things end in a duel, and it’s best to kill him with a fatal shot to the head. Even if you disarm him, he’ll pull out a second gun and attempt to kill you anyway.
  • When he’s dead, grab his gun and take a photo of his corpse.

Slim Grant

Once you’ve taken four pictures of all the gunslingers, you’ll need to complete the Chapter 4 story mission entitled “A Fine Night of Debauchery”. When you’ve done so, return to the saloon in Valentine and ask the bartender about Calloway. He’ll tell you where to find Levin and Calloway, so go and seek them out on a boat in Saint Denis. Speak to the guard at the entrance once you’ve arrived to trigger a cutscene. This will lead you on your final mission - to hunt down Slim Grant.

  • Go to the sheriff’s office in Annesburg and speak to the lawman inside. Once you’re done, proceed to the outlaw camp highlighted on your map.
  • On arrival, you’ll notice Slim Grant is tied to a tree. Take out all the enemies in the vicinity, cut Grant down and stow him on your horse.
  • Drop him off at the designated spot to the northeast of Brandywine Drop.
  • After the cutscene, there’s one final duel to be had. Take out your target and claim his gun. That’s this questline complete!

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