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Hitman 2 Hawke's Bay Silent Assassin walkthrough: best way to kill the target

One quiet night

Hawke’s Bay, the short tutorial mission that opens Hitman 2, is one of the game’s least complicated stages. As such it shouldn’t cause too much stress if you’re looking to get a Silent Assassin rating. Nevertheless, I’ve put together this quick Silent Assassin walkthrough for Hawke’s Bay if you’re looking for an optimal path to infiltrate the home of Alma Reynard and eliminate her.

Hitman 2 Hawke's Bay Silent Assassin walkthrough

New recruits can look at our Hitman 2 guide hub for If you wish to for more intel about the setting itself, rather than the specifics for getting the Silent Assassin, you can look at our Hawke's Bay guide for everything you need to know.

This guide assumes you’re playing Hawke’s Bay from the original starting location with a concealed silenced pistol and any of the game’s basic items. From your starting location on the shore, head down the beach and towards the house in the distance. When you reach it, do a lap of the perimeter while shooting out the four security cameras on the outside so you avoid being caught on CCTV.

Agent 47 about to shoot out a camera.

Step 1: Gaining access to the property

Make your way into the pool area to collect the screwdriver on the floor and use it to break into the garage at the side of the property. From there, proceed to the first floor of the house and into Alma’s office. Interact with the artwork on the wall to gain access to the panic room where you’ll find the password key for her computer. Once you access her files, the mission properly begins.

Alma will return home with Orson and her entourage of bodyguards so it’s time for you to hide. You have a bit of a long wait ahead of you, but for the safest kill, you can hide in the basket in the bedroom and wait for the pair to go to sleep.

Agent 47 about to interact with a hidden mechanism on a wall panel.

Step 2: Assassinate the target and escape without being seen

Once they’ve drifted off, slip out of your hiding place, approach Alma and you'll get a prompt to smother her with a pillow. Watch out for any of the dog's squeaky toys on the floor, though, as they may alert anyone in the house. Then, simply sneak out the house and make your way back to the boat you started at to make your escape. That’s it!

Hawke’s Bay is a fairly straightforward stage, but there is more to see if you want to take a look at the larger Hawke's Bay area. Things are going to get a little trickier in the next location though, so for some help, I’ve put together a guide on how to get silent assassin on Miami.

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