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Artifact Call to Arms cards: every card currently available in the base set

Like all trading card games, the bread and butter of every deck are cards that are first introduced. There's a reason why the Power Nine were so revered in Magic the Gathering, and to some degree still are. In Artifact, the base set that will be released is called the "Call to Arms" set and will include a whole host of cards for each of the five different types. This guide has all the currently known cards in the set, along with a brief explanation of what each card type is.

Artifact Call to Arms set card guide

Making your first deck is one thing, but our Artifact guide hub is there for you to be able to understand more about how the game works, what the colours mean,  for more on how to play the game, as well as a rundown on the colours and the types of cards that you can play.

Some of the heroes in Artifact

Hero cards

Each deck can have up to five hero cards. Not all are in play at the beginning of the game. More come in at the beginning of each round and they appear at random until all the heroes have been placed. You can place the heroes in lanes when they appear. Heroes have attack, health, and sometimes armour (this can go to negative numbers and work exactly how you'd expect - attacks will deal more damage!), but can be upgraded to increase all three attributes. They can also have skills that act as passive abilities.

Each one comes with their own values for attacking and health. Some excel in melee combat, coming with starting armour and skills to suit it. Others have abilities that trigger multiple times via the pulse key term. All of them are associated with a particular colour and come with their own signature spells, creeps, or improvements that you can cast. On top of this, they're also a bit of a restriction on the kind of cards you can cast in each lane. For example, if you have Phantom Assassin in row 1 and Zeus in row 3, but nothing in row 2; then you can only play black cards in row 1, nothing in row 2, and blue cards in row 3.

Should a hero be killed, they're out of the game for the rest of the round and the entirety of the following round, but return at the beginning of the second full round that they're not present. You can change which lane a hero is put in at this stage. When a hero is out of the game, there is an indicator at the top left of the screen to show how many turns they have until they return.

Heroes have icons above them which are slots to equip items. You retain these even if the hero dies, though you can replace the item with another of its type should you wish. Here are the three slots in detail:

  • Two Swords crossed - Weapon slot to increase attack.
  • Hexagonal shape - Shield slot to increase armour.
  • Heart shape - Item slot to increase health.

Here are all the currently available heroes in Artifact. Since this is a long list, you can search for your favourite hero using the search bar at the top of the table, which will bring up more information about the hero.

Card NameHero colourBase statsRelated CardsAbilities
AbaddonGreenAttack: 4 Health: 9Aphotic Shield (Green)Borrowed Time (Active - 2: Fully heal Abaddon and give it damage immunity this round.)
AxeRedAttack: 6 Armour: 2 Health: 10Berserker's Call (Red)None
BeastmasterRedAttack: 5 Health: 12Primal Roar (Red) Loyal Beast (Red)Call of the Wild (Active - 3: Summon a Loyal Beast.)
BloodseekerBlackAttack: 7 Health: 7Blood Rage (Black)Blood Bath (Passive: Fully heal Bloodseeker after a unit blocking it dies.)
Bounty HunterBlackAttack: 7 Health: 7Track (Black)Jinada (Passive: Before the action phase, there is a 50% to give Bounty Hunter +4 attack this round.)
BristlebackRedAttack: 8 Health: 12Viscous Nasal Goo (Red)Bar Room Brawler (Passive: Modify Bristleback with +2 armour after a hero blocking it dies.)
Centaur WarrunnerRedAttack: 4 Health: 14Double Edge (Red)Return (Continuous: Centaur Warrunner has +2 retaliate)
ChenGreenAttack: 4 Health: 9Hand of God (Green)Holy Persuasion (Active - 4: Take control of an enemy creep.)
Crystal MaidenBlueAttack: 2 Health: 5Frostbite (Blue)Arcane Aura (Passive - After the first time an allied spell is played in each lane, restore 2 mana to the tower in that lane.)
Dark SeerGreenAttack: 5 Health: 9Ion Shell (Green)Surge (Active - 2: Move another ally to another lane.)
Debbi the CunningBlackAttack: 7 Health: 5No Accident (Black)Meticulous Planner (Debbi the Cunning deals +2 damage when attacking a hero or tower.)
Drow RangerGreenAttack: 4 Health: 7Gust (Green)Precision Aura (Continuous - Other allies in all lanes have +1 attack.)
EarthshakerBlueAttack: 2 Health: 7Echo Slam (Blue)Fissure (Active - 4: Stun Earthshaker's neighbours for one round.)
EnchantressGreenAttack: 4 Health: 8Verdant Refuge (Green)Nature's Attendants (Continuous - Enchantress has +2 regeneration. Enchantress's allied neighbours have +2 regeneration.)
Farvhan the DreamerGreenAttack: 4 Health: 10Prowler Vanguard (Green)Pack Leadership (Continuous - Farvhan the Dreamer's allied neighbours have +1 armour.)
J'Muy the WiseBlueAttack: 3 Health: 8Battlefield Control (Blue)Wisdom of the Elders (Active - 4: Draw a card.)
KannaBlueAttack: 2 Health: 12Prey on the Weak (Blue) Hound of War (Black)Bringer of Conquest (Continuous: The random allied Melee Creeps are deployed into Kanna's lane.)
Keefe the BoldRedAttack: 6 Armour: 1 Health: 11Fighting Instinct (Red)None
Legion CommanderRedAttack: 6 Armour: 1 Health: 8Duel (Red)Moment of Courage (Continuous: Legion Commander has +2 retaliate)
LichBlackAttack: 5 Health: 9Chain Frost (Black)Sacrifice (Active - 2: Condemn another ally and draw a card. If that ally has 6 or more attack, draw an extra card.)
LionBlackAttack: 6 Health: 5Mana Drain (Black)Finger of Death (Active - 4: Deal 8 piercing damage to a unit. Quicken)
LunaBlueAttack: 3 Health: 8Eclipse (Blue)Lucent Beam (Passive - Before the action phase, deal 1 piercing damage to a random enemy and add a charge to each Eclipse card in your hand or deck.)
LycanGreenAttack: 4 Health: 10Savage Wolf (Green)Feral Impulse (Continuous: Lycan's allied neighbours have +2 attack.)
MagnusGreenAttack: 4 Armour: 1 Health: 9Empower (Green)None
MazzieRedAttack: 6 Armour: 3 Health: 6Steel Reinforcement (Red)None
MeepoBlueAttack: 4 Health: 5Divided we Stand (Blue)Poof (Active - 2: Move Meepo to an allied Meepo's lane. Deal 2 damage to its neighbours.) United we Fall (Continuous: If Meepo dies, other allied Meepos in every lane also die, ignoring death shields.)
NecrophosBlackAttack: 5 Health: 6Heartstopper Aura (Black)Sadist (Passive: Modify Necrophos with +1 health after an enemy neighbour dies.)
Ogre MagiBlueAttack: 3 Health: 7Ignite (Blue)Multicast (Passive - After you play a blue spell, there is a 25% chance to put a base copy of that card into your hand.)
OmniknightGreenAttack: 5 Health: 12Allseeing One's Favour (Green)Purification (Active - 2: Heal a unit for 3 health.)
Outworld DevourerBlueAttack: 4 Health: 7Astral Imprisonment (Blue)Essence Aura (Passive - After you play a blue card, there is a 50% chance to restore 2 mana.)
Phantom AssassinBlackAttack: 6 Health: 8Coup de Grace (Black)Efficient Killer (Continuous - Phantom Assassin deals +4 damage when attacking a hero.)
PrellexBlueAttack: 3 Health: 5Barracks (Blue)Bringer of the Faithful (Passive: Summon a Melee Creep into Prellex's lane each deployment phase.)
PugnaRedAttack: 6 Health: 9Nether Ward (Red)Nether Blast (Active - 3: Condemn a random enemy improvement.)
RixGreenAttack: 3 Health: 7Truth to Power (Green)Relentless Rebel (Continuous - Rix has rapid deployment.)
Skywrath MageBlueAttack: 3 Health: 6Mystic Flare (Blue)Concussive Shot (Active - 2: Give a hero and its allied neighbours -2 armour this round.)
SniperBlackAttack: 5 Health: 6Assassinate (Black)Headshot (Active - 2: Deal 5 damage to a unit.)
Sorla KhanBlackAttack: 8 Health: 6Assault Ladders (Black)Warmonger (Continuous - Sorla Khan deals +4 damage when attacking a tower.)
Storm SpiritBlack Attack: 4 Health: 6Ball Lightning (Black)Overload (Passive - Give Storm Spirit +2 attack until the end of its next combat phase after you play a Black card in any lane.)
SvenRedAttack: 5 Health: 11God's Strength (Red)Great Cleave (Sven has +X cleave where X is equal to half its attack.)
TidehunterRedAttack: 2 Armour: 1 Health: 18Kraken Shell (Red)Ravage (Active - 4: Stun Tidehunter's enemy neighbours this round and each other enemy has a 50% change of being stunned this round.)
TimbersawRedAttack: 4 Health: 11Whirling Death (Red)Reactive Armour (Continuous - Timbersaw has +1 armour for each of his attackers. Each of Timbersaw's attackers have -1 armour.)
TinkerBlackAttack: 7 Health: 5March of the Machines (Black)Laser (Active - 3: Deal 3 damage to a unit and disarm it this round.)
Treant ProtectorGreenAttack: 4 Health: 10Roseleaf Druid (Green)Branches of Iron (Continuous - Treant Protector's allied neighbours have +2 armour.)
UrsaRedAttack: 7 Health: 10Enrage (Red)Fury Swipes (Passive - When Ursa deals battle damage to a unit, modify that unit with -1 armour.)
VenomancerBlueAttack: 2 Health: 6Sow Venom (Blue) Plague Ward (Blue)Venomous Nature (Passive - Summon a Plague Ward into Venomancer's lane every deployment phase.)
ViperGreenAttack: 4 Health: 10Viper Strike (Green)Corrosive Skin (Passive - When a unit deals battle damage to Viper, modify that unit with -1 attack.)
Winter WyvernBlackAttack: 6 Health: 6Winter's Curse (Black)Arctic Burn (Active - 2: Move Winter Wyvern to an empty combat position and give it +4 attack this round.
ZeusBlueAttack: 3 Health: 7Thunder God's Wrath (Blue)Static Field (Passive - Deal 1 piercing damage to Zeus's enemy neighbours after you play a blue spell.)

Some of the spells in Artifact.

Spell cards

Spells work exactly like you'd imagine them to, in that they cost mana and can affect the game board. You can only cast spells during each of the lane phases, so there's none of the "Instants" you can wield in Magic the Gathering, and they can affect either their own lane, another lane, or every lane. There are exceptions of course, which are always indicated on the card as to where you can play the spell. Below are all the ones in the game at this time.

Card NameColourMana costEffectRelated Heroes
...And One For MeBlue4Choose a hero. Put a base copy of a random item equipped by that hero into your hand.
AnnihilationBlue6Condemn all units.
Arcane AssaultBlue4Deal 2 damage to the enemy tower. Draw a card. Get initiative.
Arcane CensureBlack4Modify the enemy tower with -1 mana.
Arm the RebellionGreen4Modify allied creeps with +2 attack and +1 armour.
At Any CostBlue3Deal 6 damage to every unit.
Avernus' BlessingGreen3Modify a unit with +2 attack.
BellowGreen2Move a creep to a random other lane.
Better Late Than NeverBlue3Summon a Melee Creep into any lane.
Bolt of DamoclesBlue10Deal 20 damage to the enemy tower.
Buying TimeBlue3Give two random cards in opponent's hand +2 lock.
Call the ReservesBlue6Summon two melee creeps into any lane.
Caught UnpreparedGreen4Stun a hero until they equip an item.
Cleansing RiteGreen4Purge your opponent's effects from a hero.
Clear the DeckRed4Give allied heroes +4 cleave this round.
Collateral DamageBlack4Modify a black hero with +3 siege.
Combat TrainingRed3Modify a hero with +2 attack.
CompelBlue3Choose a unit. Choose a combat target for it. Draw a card.
Coordinated AssaultBlack4Modify a black hero with "After you play a black card, give this hero and its allied neighbours +2 attack this round."
Corrosive MistGreen5Condemn all equipped items.
Crippling BlowRed4Modify a hero with -2 attack.
Cunning PlanBlue2Swap a unit with one of its allied neighbours. Draw a card.
Curse of AtrophyGreen6Modify enemy heroes with -2 attack.
Defend the WeakGreen2Modify a unit with "This unit's allied neighbours have +2 armour.
Defensive BloomGreen4Summon two Roseleaf Walls.
Diabolic RevelationBlue1Draw 2 cards. Deal 2 damage to allies in all lanes.
Dimensional PortalBlue4Summon three Melee Creeps.
Dirty DeedsBlack3Deal 2 damage to the enemy tower for each of its improvements.
Divine InterventionGreen5Give allies damage immunity this round.
Divine PurposeGreen7Modify a unit with damage immunity.
Enough Magic!Red5Proceed to the combat phase.
Fight Through the PainRed1Give a red hero +2 armour this round. Get Initiative
Fog of WarBlue4Each enemy has a 50% chance of being disarmed this round.
ForesightBlue4Draw 2 cards.
Forward ChargeBlack3Give allies +2 siege this round. Allies change their combat target to the unit or tower across from them.
Friendly FireBlue6Choose two enemies. They battle each other.
GankBlack4Choose an allied black hero. Choose another unit in any lane. They battle each other.
Grazing shotBlack1Deal 2 damage to a unit in any lane.
Heroic ResolveRed2Modify a red hero with "After you play a non-item card costing 2 or less, modify this hero with +2 health."
Hip FireBlack4Deal 4 damage to a unit. Get initiative.
IntimidationGreen5Move a unit to a random other lane.
Iron Branch ProtectionGreen2Give a unit in any lane +3 armour until end of its next combat phase.
JukeGreen1Swap an ally with one of its allied neighbours.
Lightning StrikeBlue2Deal 6 damage to the enemy tower.
Lodestone DemolitionBlack3Deal damage to the enemy tower equal to the total armour on enemies.
Lost in TimeBlue6Give three random cards in opponent's hand +3 lock.
Murder PlotBlack4Give a black hero +8 attack this round. Choose a combat target for it.
New OrdersRed1Choose an ally. Chose a combat target for it.
PaydayBlack3Double your gold.
Pick a FightRed2Choose an allied hero. It taunts. Choose a combat target for it.
Pick OffBlack4Deal 4 damage to a unit in any lane.
Poised to StrikeRed1Give a red hero +4 attack this round.
RazeRed5Condemn all enemy improvements.
Relentless PursuitBlack1Choose a unit in another lane. Move a random allied black hero from this lane to that lane. Pulse: Deal 2 damage to the chosen unit.
Remote DetonationBlue6Deal 5 damage to each enemy across from an empty combat position.
Rend ArmourRed3Modify a unit with -X armour, where X is its armour.
Restoration EffortGreen4Heal your tower 8 health.
Rising AngerRed2Modify a red hero with "After you play a non-item card costing 2 or less, modify this hero with +1 attack."
Rolling StormBlue3Deal 2 damage to all towers in all lanes.
RoutedRed6Modify enemy heroes at the Fountain with -X attack where X is half their attack. Modify them with "Your tower has -1 mana."
Rumusque BlessingGreen3Choose a lane. Modify allies in that lane with +3 health.
Self SabotageBlue4Modify two random cards in opponent's hand with "Pulse: Deal 6 damage to a random allied tower in any lane."
SlayBlack3Condemn a creep.
Smash Their Defences!Red3Condemn an improvement. Pulse: Draw a card.
Soul of SpringGreen4Modify a hero with "After you play a green card, give this hero and its allied neighbours +4 Regeneration this round."
Spot WeaknessRed3Give a hero and its allied neighbours pierce this round. Draw a card.
Spring the TrapRed7Summon two Centaur Hunters into any lane.
Stars AlignGreen1Give your tower +3 mana this round.
Steal StrengthGreen4Give a unit -4 attack this round and give another unit +4 attack this round.
Strafing RunBlue1Deal 2 damage to each enemy creep.
Sucker PunchRed4Stun a unit blocking an allied red hero this round. Deal 2 damage to that unit.
The Cover of NightBlack7Move an allied black hero to another lane. Give that hero +4 attack and +7 siege until the end of its next combat phase.
ThunderstormBlue6Deal 4 damage to each enemy.
Time of TriumphRed8Modify allied heroes with +4 attack, +4 armour, +4 health, +4 cleave, +4 retaliate, and +4 siege.
Tower BarrageBlue 3Deal 2 damage to each enemy.
Wrath of GoldBlue3Spend all your gold. Repeat one time for each gold spent. Pulse: Deal 4 damage to a random ally or enemy.
Aphotic ShieldGreen2Purge enemy effects from a unit. Give that unit +2 armour and +2 retaliate this round.Abaddon
Berserker's CallRed6Choose an allied red hero. It battles its enemy neighbours.Axe
Primal RoarRed7Stun a unit blocking an allied red hero this round. Move that unit's allied neighbours to random other lanes.Beastmaster
Blood RageBlack4Silence a unit this round. Give that unit +4 attack this round.Bloodseeker
TrackBlack3Give a hero +10 bounty until it dies.Bounty Hunter
Viscous Nasal GooRed4Modify a unit with -2 armour.Bristleback
Double EdgeRed1Give a red hero +8 attack and -8 armour this round.Centaur Warrunner
Hand of GodGreen7Fully heal each ally. Give allies damage immunity this round.Chen
FrostbiteBlue3Deal 2 damage to a unit and disarm it this round.Crystal Maiden
Ion ShellGreen4Modify a unit with +3 retaliate.Dark Seer
No AccidentBlack3Deal 3 damage to a unit.Debbi the Cunning
GustGreen4Silence an enemy hero and its allied neighbours this round.Drow Ranger
Echo SlamBlue7Deal damage to each enemy equal to the number of enemies.Earthshaker
Battlefield ControlBlue1Choose a unit. Choose a combat target for it.J'Muy the Wise
Prey on the WeakBlue4Summon a Hound of War for every damaged unit.Kanna
Fighting InstinctRed5Modify a red hero with +1 attack and +1 armour.Keefe the Bold
DuelRed2Choose an allied red hero and another unit. They battle each other.Legion Commander
Chain FrostBlack7Deal 3 damage to a unit. Repeat 7 times: Pulse: Deal 3 damage to a random unit to its left or right. Get initiative.Lich
Mana DrainBlack2Give the enemy tower -2 mana this round and give your tower +2 mana this round.Lion
EclipseBlue6Repeat one time for each charge. Pulse: Deal 3 piercing damage to a random enemy. Comes into play with 2 charges.Luna
EmpowerGreen4Modify a unit with +3 attack and +3 cleave.Magnus
Divided we StandBlue4Summon a Meepo.Meepo
Heartstopper AuraBlack4Modify a black hero with "Deal 2 piercing damage to this hero's enemy neighbours before the action phase."Necrophos
Allseeing One's FavourGreen4Modify a green hero with "Allies have +2 regeneration."Omniknight
Astral ImprisonmentBlue4Stun a unit this round. Give that unit Damage Immunity this round.Outworld Devourer
Coup de GraceBlack6Discard a random card. Condemn a hero.Phantom Assassin
Truth to PowerGreen5Silence a unit this round.Rix
Mystic FlareBlue6Deal 12 damage evenly divided among a unit and its allied neighbours.Skywrath Mage
AssassinateBlack7Deal 10 piercing damage to a unit in any lane.Sniper
Ball LightningBlack3Move an allied black hero to an empty combat positionStorm Spirit
God's StrengthRed6Modify a red hero with +4 attack.Sven
Kraken ShellRed1Modify a red hero with +2 armour. Get Initiative.Tidehunter
Whirling DeathRed2Choose an allied red hero. Deal 2 damage to its enemy neighbours and give them -2 attack this round.Timbersaw
EnrageRed4Give a red hero +4 attack and +4 armour this round.Ursa
Sow VenomBlue4Summon two Plague Wards.Venomancer
Viper StrikeGreen3Give a unit "Deal 2 piercing damage to this unit before the action phase" until it does.Viper
Winter's CurseBlack6Disarm a unit until the end of the round. That unit's neighbours battle it.Winter Wyvern
Thunder God's WrathBlue7Deal 4 piercing damage to each enemy hero in all lanes. Health: 7Zeus

Some of the improvements in Artifact.

Improvement cards

Improvement cards are semi-permanent buffs that you can apply to each lane. They can be removed with some condemn effects, but they either give an affect that triggers at the beginning of that phase, or an active ability that uses mana to trigger it. Below are the improvements that you can augment your lanes with.

Card NameColourMana costEffectRelated Heroes
Aghanim's SanctumBlue4Active - 1: Fully restore your tower's mana.
Altar of the Mad MoonGreen4Allied Melee Creeps have +2 regeneration.
Assured DestructionBlack3All heroes have +4 siege.
Bitter EnemiesBlack3After the combat phase, remove a charge from Bitter Enemies. Before the action phase, if there are zero charges on Bitter Enemies, deal 6 damage to both towers. Comes with 3 charges.
Burning OilRed1Your tower has +2 retaliate.
Cheating DeathGreen4Active - 1: Give a unit a Death Shield this round. May only be used if there is an allied green hero in this lane.
ConflagurationBlue5Deal 2 damage to each enemy before the action phase.
Escape RouteBlack1Active - 1: Return an allied hero to the fountain.
Fractured TimelineBlue2Before the action phase, give a random card in opponent's hand +1 lock.
Glyph of ConfusionBlue6Whenever any unit enters this lane, stun it this round.
Grand MeleeRed3If there is an allied red hero in this lane, all heroes have +2 cleave.
Homefield AdvantageGreen4Before the action phase, disarm a random enemy this round.
Howling MindBlue3You and your opponent draw an extra card each round.
Iron Fog GoldmineBlack3Get 3 gold after the combat phase.
Keenfolk TurretBlack4Active - 1: Deal 2 piercing damage to a unit.
Messenger RookeryBlue1Active - 1: Choose an ally. Choose a combat target for it.
Mist of AvernusGreen3Modify allies with +1 attack before the action phase.
Path of the BoldRed3After you play a red card, modify a random ally with +1 attack.
Path of the CunningBlack3After you play a black card, modify a random ally with +1 siege.
Path of the DreamerGreen3After you play a green card, give your tower+3 regeneration until end of the round.
Path of the WiseBlue3After you play a blue card, deal 1 piercing damage to a random enemy.
Revtel InvestmentsBlack3Add a charge to Revtel Investments after the combat phase. Active 1: Get 4 gold for each charge. Condemn Revtel Investments.
Selemene's FavourGreen4Your tower has +2 mana.
Steam CannonBlack7Active - 1: Deal 4 piercing damage to a unit in any lane.
Temple of WarRed3All equipped heroes have +2 attack and +1 armour.
The OathBlack3You can not play spells or creeps while this is the active lane. If there is an allied black hero in this lane, allies have +4 attack.
The Omexe ArenaRed6Draw a card after a hero dies.
The Tyler EstateBlack4Both towers have -2 mana.
TrebuchetsBlack1Deal 2 piercing damage to the enemy tower before the action phase.
Unearthed SecretsGreen3Draw a card after the combat phase if your tower was dealt damage this round.
Unsupervised ArtilleryBlack2Active - 1: Deal 4 piercing damage to the enemy tower. May only be used if there are no unblocked enemies.
WatchtowerBlue1Whenever an enemy improvement enters this lane, draw a card.
Verdant RefugeGreen5Allies have +1 armour.Enchantress
Steel ReinforcementRed4Your tower has +1 armour.Mazzie
IgniteBlue3Deal 1 piercing damage to each enemy before the action phase.Ogre Magi
BarracksBlue5Summon a Melee Creep into this lane each deployment phase.Prellex
Nether WardRed4After opponent plays a spell, deal 3 damage to the enemy tower.Pugna
Assault LaddersBlack3Allies deal +2 damage when attacking a tower.Sorla Khan
March of the MachinesBlack5Before the action phase, if there are charges on March of the Machines, remove one and deal two damage to the enemy tower and two damage to each enemy. Charges: 3Tinker

A Relentless Zombie and some of the other creeps in Artifact.

Creep cards

Finally in the main decks, you can put in creeps. They're basic allies that have the same attack and health stats as heroes do. These do not come back once condemned and cannot have items equipped to them to make them stronger. Each one has a creep type indicated by the symbol on the top left, as well as a casting cost. All non-basic creeps have a casting cost, even those that come into the lane via spells. These are different from the generic creeps in that they come with abilities that can help or hinder units throughout their assigned lane. While not being able to equip them is a bit of a bummer, they can be targeted with any spell that targets units rather than just heroes. Below are the currently known creeps that are in the game.

Card NameColourMana costAttack/Health EffectRelated Heroes
Assassin's ApprenticeBlack2Attack: 3 Health: 2 Active - 1: Choose a combat target for Assassin's Apprentice.
Assassin's ShadowBlack7Attack: 15 Health: 5 Siege: 5. Assassin's Shadow has -2 attack for each ally.
Bronze LegionnaireRed2Attack: 4 Armour: 2 Health: 2
Champion of the AncientGreen7Attack: 2 Health: 6 Play Effect: Modify Champion of the Ancient with +1 attack, +1 health, and +1 cleave for each enemy.
Cursed SatyrRed5Attack: 6 Health: 6 Effect: Summon a zombie for your opponent after the combat phase.
Disciple of NevermoreBlack3Attack: 4 Armour: -2 Health: 4 Other allies have +2 attack and -2 armour.
Emissary of the QuorumGreen8Attack: 1 Armour: 2 Health: 10 Active - 1: Modify allies with +2 attack and +2 health.
Hellbear CripplerRed3Attack: 3 Health: 3 When Hellbear Crippler deals battle damage to a unit, modify that unit with -1 attack.
Hound of WarBlack3Attack: 2 Health: 1
Incarnation of SelemeneBlue9Attack: 3 Health: 11 Fully restore your tower's mana after you play any card.
Keenfolk GolemRed6Attack: 13 Health: 13 Play Effect: Discard your hand.
Legion Standard BearerRed4Attack: 0 Health: 6 Legion Standard Bearer's allied neighbours have +4 attack.
Marrowfell BrawlerRed6Attack: 6 Health: 16
Mercenary ExilesRed3Attack: 2 Armour: 1 Health: 4 Active - 2: Spend all your gold. Modify Mercenary Exiles with +X attack and +X health where X is half the gold spent.
Oglodi CatapultBlack2Attack: 0 Health: 4 Deal 2 piercing damage to the enemy tower before the action phase.
Oglodi VandalBlack4Attack: 4 Health: 4 Play Effect: Deal 4 damage to the enemy tower.
Ogre ConscriptRed6Attack: 7 Armour: 2 Health: 7
Ogre Corpse TosserRed5Attack: 2 Health: 10 Deal 2 piercing damage to the enemy tower after an allied melee creep dies.
Pit Fighter of QuoidgeBlack4Attack: 2 Health: 8 Modify Pit Fighter of Quoidge with +2 attack after an allied neighbour dies.
Plague WardBlue3Attack: 1 Health: 3 Before the action phase, deal 2 piercing damage to a random enemy neighbour of Plague Ward.
Rampaging HellbearGreen4Attack: 2 Health: 3 Modify Rampaging Hellbear with +4 attack after the combat phase.
RavenhookBlack6Attack: 3 Health: 6 Active - 1: Condemn a random item equipped by the unit blocking Ravenhook. Get gold equal to the base cost of the item.
Ravenous MassBlack4Attack: 1 Health: 1 Active - 1: Condemn Ravenous Mass's allied neighbours. Modify Ravenous Mass with their attack and health.
Rebel DecoyGreen3Attack: 2 Health: 3 Active - 1: Swap Rebel Decoy with another ally.
Rebel InsitgatorRed4Attack: 2 Health: 3 After the combat phase, if Rebel Instigator dealt battle damage to a creep this round, summon a Rebel Instigator.
Red Mist PillagerRed5Attack: 4 Health: 2 After the combat phase, if Red Mist Pillager dealt battle damage to a tower this round, summon a Red Mist Pillager.
Relentless ZombieBlue2Attack: 2 Health: 2 Play Effect: Give Relentless Zombie a death shield.
Revtel ConvoyGreen5Attack: 0 Health: 20 Revtel Convoy has +X attack where X is equal to half your gold.
Roseleaf RejuvenatorGreen7Attack: 7 Health: 7 Play Effect: Heal your tower 7 health.
Satyr DuelistGreen4Attack: 3 Health: 5 Modify Satyr Duelist with +2 attack after the combat phase.
Satyr MagicianBlue5Attack: 2 Health: 5 Active - 1: Fully restore your tower's mana.
Selfish ClericGreen4Attack: 4 Health: 4 Fully heal Selfish Cleric after the combat phase.
Sister of the VeilBlack5Attack: 4 Health: 4 Active - 1: Choose a combat target for Sister of the Veil.
Smeevil ArmsmasterRed4Attack: 2 Health: 2 Play Effect: Modify a random allied hero with +2 attack.
Smeevil BlacksmithGreen4Attack: 2 Health: 2 Play Effect: Modify a random allied hero with +1 armour.
Thunderhide AlphaGreen9Attack: 25 Health: 25
Thunderhide PackGreen8Attack: 14 Health: 14 Siege: 6
Troll SoothsayerBlue6Attack: 2 Health: 8 Draw an extra card each round.
Tyler Estate CensorBlack4Attack: 2 Health: 8 The enemy tower has -1 mana.
Untested GruntBlack2Attack: 4 Health: 2
Vhoul MartyrGreen2Attack: 2 Health: 2 Death Effect: Modify allies with +1 attack and +1 health.
Prowler GuardGreen4Attack: 0 Health: 6 Prowler Vanguard's allied neighbours have +1 Armour.Farvhan the Dreamer
Savage WolfGreen4Attack: 3 Health: 3 Modify Savage Wolf with +1 attack and +2 health after the combat phase.Lycan
Roseleaf DruidGreen4Attack: 2 Health: 6 Your tower has +1 mana.Treant Protector

Some of the Artifact items, including one that is expensive but seems busted?

Item cards in Artifact

Items are gold lined cards that are obtained at the end of each round. You'll have the choice to buy cards out of a selection of three per round, which does get refreshed with a new card from the item deck when you buy a card. In order to draw them, you'll need to pay the cost in the bottom right hand corner.

Coins are accrued by killing things, so for killing creeps you get one gold, and heroes net you five gold. These can then be equipped to heroes for free, so ones with heart icons for example can be equipped to the heart slot. These are equipped and remain on the hero even after death. Some items also have activated abilities that can be triggered during the lane phases.

Items are the only cards that are not colour dependent and are split into four categories: Weapons, Armour, Health, and Consumables. Below are the ones currently in the game.

Card NameGold costEffectActive Abilities
Apotheosis Blade25Equipped hero has +8 attack and +4 siege. Condemn units equipped hero deals battle damage to.1: Condemn enemy improvements. Condemn each item equipped by equipped hero's combat target.
Barbed Mail6Equipped hero has +1 armour and +2 retaliate.N/A
Blink Dagger7Equipped hero has +2 attack.N/A
Book of the Dead10Equipped hero has +4 health. Ad a charge to Book of the Dead after an allied Melee Creep dies.2: Summon a zombie for each charge and remove all charges.
Broadsword7Equipped hero has +4 attack.N/A
Chainmail7Equipped hero has +2 armour.N/A
Claymore15Equipped hero has +8 attack.N/A
Fountain Flask4Fully heal a unit.N/A
Fur-Lined Mantle7Equipped hero has +8 health.N/A
Golden Ticket7Get a random item from the Secret Shop.N/A
Healing Salve3Heal a unit for 6 health.N/A
Helm of the Dominator19Equipped hero has +3 armour.2: Get control of an enemy creep.
Hero's Cape15Equipped hero has +16 health.N/A
Horn of the Alpha25Equipped hero has +4 health.2: Summon a Thunderhide Pack.
Keenfolk Musket7Equipped hero has +2 attack.2: Deal 2 damage to a unit.
Keenfolk Plate8Equipped hero has +1 armour. Equipped hero has +1 armour for each of its attackers.N/A
Leather Armour3Equipped hero has +1 armour.N/A
Nyctasha's Guard25Equipped hero has +1 armour.1: Move equipped hero's enemy neighbours to random other lanes.
Obliterating Orb10Condemn an improvement.N/A
Phase Boots6Equipped hero has +4 health.2: Swap equipped hero with another ally.
Platemail15Equipped hero has +4 armour.N/A
Poaching Knife8Equipped hero has +2 attack. Get 5 gold after an enemy hero dies. Get 1 gold after an enemy creep dies.N/A
Red Mist Maul10Equipped hero has +2 attack and +5 siege.N/A
Ristful Emblem4Equipped hero has +4 health and -2 armour. The unit blocking equipped hero has -2 armour.N/A
Seraphim Shield13Equipped hero has +2 armour. All units have -2 attack.N/A
Shop Deed22Each item in your Secret Shop costs X less gold, where X is equal to its base cost.N/A
Town Portal Scroll3Return an allied hero to the Fountain.N/A
Vesture of the Tyrant19Equipped hero has +3 armour and rapid deployment. Your tower has +3 armour.N/A
Assassin's Veil6Equipped hero has +4 health. 2: Choose a combat target for equipped hero.
Blade of the Vigil7Equipped hero has +2 attack and +2 cleave.
Bracers of Sacrifice8Equipped hero has +2 armour.1: Deal 6 damage to equipped hero's enemy neighbours and condemn equipped hero.
Claszureme Hourglass10Equipped hero has +4 health. Whenever opponent draws a card, give that card +1 lock if equipped hero is in any lane.
Cloak of Endless Carnage13Equipped hero has +8 health. Draw a card after an allied neighbour of equipped hero dies.
Demigicking Maul5Equipped hero has +2 attack.1: Condemn a random enemy improvement. May only be used if equipped hero is unblocked.
Helm of the Dominator19Equipped hero has +3 armour.2: Get control of an enemy creep.
Jasper Daggers5Equipped hero has +2 attack and pierce. Equip effect: Purge your opponent's effects from equipped hero.
Revtel Signet Ring4Equipped hero has +4 health and -3 bounty.
Ring of Tarrasque12Equipped hero has +4 health and +6 regeneration.
Rumusque Vestments9Equipped hero has +1 armour.2: Heal a unit 4.
Shield of Aquila10Equipped hero has +2 armour. Equipped hero's allied neighbours have +3 armour.
Shield of Basilius8Equipped hero has +2 armour. Equipped hero's allied neighbours have +1 armour.
Shiva's Guard16Equipped hero has +2 armour.2: Modify a unit and its allied neighbours with -2 attack.
Short Sword3Equipped hero has +2 attack.
Stonehall Cloak5Equipped hero has +4 health. Modify Stonehall Cloak with "Equipped hero has +2 health after the combat phase."
Stonehall Pike6Equipped hero has +2 attack. Modify Stonehall Pike with "Equipped hero has +1 attack after the combat phase."
Stonehall Plate6Equipped hero has +1 armour. Modify Stonehall Plate with "Equipped hero has +1 armour after the combat phase."
Traveler's Cloak3Equipped hero has +4 health.
Wingfall Hammer19Equipped hero has +4 attack.1: Give equipped hero and its allied neighbours +X Regeneration this round where X is half its attack.

With all the cards in the set now explained, you'll probably want to get a list of the best decks and how some of the keywords are used to the player's advantage. Head over to our Artifact best decks to find them, or if you think you can make a better one, head to our Artifact deck construction guide.

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