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A leaked No Man's Sky trailer reveals visions of the next update

The sky is leaking

Update: Hello Games have announced the Vision update will land this Thursday, the 22nd. You can read the (exceedingly pretty) patch notes here.

Hang on, I'm getting a vision of something. I see... I see a more varied No Man's Sky, with properly alien aliens and five new planetary biomes. I see cool derelict spaceships, ancient buried skeletons and launchable fireworks. I see double rainbows, all the way across the sky.

I see the new trailer for Visions, an upcoming update that seems to have leaked from Hello Games.

Cover image for YouTube video

That made me alternate between 'ooh' noises and shrugs. I've already mentioned my oohs: those procedurally generated shipwrecks also look like they'll be fun to rummage around, and I dig the idea of unearthing xeno-dino fossils. I also appreciate the emphasis on making the universe yet more colourful, especially the yellow haze around those new storm crystals. We also see a snippet of someone harvesting new materials from spaceship debris, and the metal-ey sheen of one of the new anomalous planets.

I'm most intrigued by the new wildlife. I'm hoping those weird burrowing shards are just the tip of the iceberg: up till now No Man's zoo how contained far too many animals which boil down to deer with fronds. I wrote a whole supporter post a couple of weeks ago about the value of 'What Is That??' moments, which I've always felt No Man's Sky is criminally lacking.

That didn't stop me jumping back in back when the big 'Next' update overhauled much of the game, and it didn't stop me enjoying riding out that curve of semi-meaningful activities for another eight hours or so. I liked how the new story prodded me forward and a handful of new tasks meant I had enough to do, but I wouldn't describe any individual task as particularly riveting.

That was before I could build underwater bases or ride motorcycles. Combined with the variety at the focus of this update, they've got me looking skywards again.

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