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Warframe's frozen open-world expansion Fortuna is out now

And we all lift together

Warframe's second open-world expansion, Fortuna, is out, free and available to download, taking Digital Extremes's third-person free-to-play ninja shooter to the icy terraformed surface of Venus. Fortuna adds a slew of new features including stunt-capable hoverboards, a wildlife preservation mini-game, customisable kit-guns, buildable robot buddies and more. It's easily the biggest expansion for the game yet, its new map dwarfing the previous open-world offering Plains Of Eidolon. The update clocks in at a hefty ~4gb in size. Ogle the trailer below while you wait.

The Fortuna expansion launches alongside a new playable frame, Garuda, available through quests or bought directly. She's a clawed vampire, with blood-fuelled powers that leave her increasingly splattered with visible gore as you cut through enemies. An odd saviour to turn up to the Fortuna prison colony, but I guess the locals are safe - a lot of them have traded in enough body parts to barely have any blood left. Players will be helping out Solaris United, a rebel force among the inmates of a Corpus debtors prison-world, striking back against their hyper-capitalist overlords.

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In a lovely bit of transparency, development lead Steve Sinclair was live-streaming the final few hours of development via his phone. The video may disappear later, but at the time of writing it's viewable here on Twitch. At the end of the stream Sinclair mentioned that there's plenty yet to be added to Venus's surface. Beyond that, DE have huge plans for the game, too - there's another expansion due by year's end; Railjack adding co-op space adventures and some excitingly FTL-ish capital ship combat. Not bad considering it was only announced a few months ago at TennoCon.

The Fortuna expansion is live now. Warframe is free-to-play and available direct from Digital Extremes or on Steam here. New to the space-ninja life? Start with Dave's guides dojo here.

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