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Have You Played... Holopoint?

Take a bow

You probably haven't, if you don't own any cyber goggles. You don't know what it's like to be Hawkeye.

Holopoint was one of the first VR games I played, and it's still one of the best. I'm sure you can find other games that model firing a bow more realistically, but I bet they won't make you feel like a superhero.

You'll start off sedately, plinking away at a couple of cubes as they hover in front of you. They'll each fire a single shot when you hit them or leave them alone for too long, but that's easily ducked - or fired out of the air, if you're feeling snazzy. So much of Holopoint is about feeling snazzy.

The cubes start surrounding you, and then they're joined by holographic ninjas. A creaking floorboard gives you just enough warning to spin and shoot before a swordsman ends your run, but his shuriken-throwing friends can easily do that from afar. After a few hours practice, though, you'll be amazed at the things your body can do.

It's like having pre-cognition. You'll twist and dance, duck and aim and fire to a rhythm that consumes reality. You'll start shooting at targets without looking at them, diverting precious attention to clocking new threats instead. You'll survive on the cusp of destruction for longer than seems possible, a tornado of reflexes and panache.

Hawkeye is a pretty duff Avenger, but I bet he feels fantastic.

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