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Sunset Overdrive bounces onto PC this week according to Amazon

Air-dashes, rail-grinds and teddy bear bombs

Take Ratchet And Clank, duct-tape it to Jet Set Radio, sprinkle with swearing and gore and you've got Sunset Overdrive. According to Amazon's store listing, Insomniac's platform shooter lands this Friday on PC. Originally one of the Xbox One's big exclusives, recent signs have indicated a PC launch, but I wasn't expecting it quite so soon. According to Amazon, it's published by THQ Nordic, includes all DLC, supports Windows 8, and SteamDB shows an entry for it, suggesting it won't be limited to the Microsoft Store. No official announcement yet from any party, though.

Sunset Overdrive's story is just a threadbare excuse for a bunch of silly characters to bounce and grind their way through the city, fighting an evil soda company and its army of robots and mutants. There's lots of weird and wonderful guns - very Ratchet And Clank in style - and you can carry a lot of them at once. While the game involves a lot of shooting, precision is seldom a concern - enemies often come in large, hard-to-miss swarms, and many weapons cause huge explosions. Instead, the focus is on maintaining combos while grinding rails and bouncing off springy objects.

The game was well received back on the Xbox One, so it's good to see it getting a second wind, and at budget price. While a striking (and very busy) game to look at, Sunset Overdrive was capped at 30fps on the Xbox One, which isn't exactly ideal for a fast and messy shooter. I've got my fingers crossed that the PC version runs smoother and looks a little sharper, although beyond that I don't think I'd change anything about the look of the game. It's loud, cheerful and incredibly messy in its (optional) eight player co-op mode, which I'm hoping will be well populated on PC.

While there's no word on a Microsoft Store or Xbox Game Pass release, Sunset Overdrive should hopefully surface on PC this Friday, November 16th, for $20.

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