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Battlefield V is now properly out for real

Now for non-subscribers too

"Taken on its own terms, Battlefield V is an incredible achievement that's absolutely worth your time and its AAA price tag," young Matt said in our Battlefield V review. That sounds good! "Taken in the context of every battle that's gone before, what's on sale is the all-too familiar fantasy of being one insignificant drop in a sea of raging war-soup." That sounds... fine? You can see for yourself today as, after a string of early launches for various subscriber services, Dice's new World War 2 FPS is now properly out.

As is the modern Battlefield way, BFV combines multiplayer murders with men and machines for up to 64 players, plus has singleplayer storybits too. It's launched with three short 'War Stories' following different characters, with one more to follow. A number of other planned--and promoted--features are still to come.

Expect the final War Story on December 4, then the post-launch roadmap says the cooperative 'Combines Arms' mode after that in early 2019, then the battle royale mode 'Firestorm' in March, with new maps and vehicles and weapons and such scattered along the way. Future freebies are grand and all, but it sounds like the game is a bit thin in its launch state and could use some of those now.

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That's better dubbed with 'Battlefield' by Jordin Sparks. Timings work well enough that I'm convinced Jordin was originally in that trailer but those EA cowards panicked at the last minute and redubbed it with the warsong.

Battlefield V is out now on Origin for £55. Or it's covered by Origin Access Premier, EA's £15/month (£90/year) subscription service. Premier folks have already been able to play it for over a week.

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