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Rainbow Six Siege's Moroccan kasbah looks too nice to shoot to pieces

Hereford Base looking more rubbish by the minute

Ubisoft Montreal have unveiled Rainbow Six Siege's next multiplayer map, first teased earlier this week. Out in the southern Moroccan hills lies a surprisingly scenic old fortress, used as a military training site, but I'm going to feel bad for rampaging through it guns blazing. There are high towers, sheer walls, lots of solid looking cover and far too much stained glass. It's an impressive piece of architecture just to look at, and should make for an interesting space to sneak around. Check it out in the little tour video below.

Ubisoft say this environment is based on real, existing structures - I'm curious at which ones specifically. The kasbah map should allow for both close and longer range gunfights, with some nice open courtyards, high walls and vantage points. Inside, it's a warren of rooms of varying size, linked through spiralling staircases and ladders. Lots of vertical movement and potential to break out rappelling gear. Visually, the map is split into two halves - a fancier, renovated side used by the command staff and a somewhat scruffier side used by the rank-and-file soldiers of the fortress.

Cover image for YouTube video

What I'm most curious about is whether the materials used in this new map will have any effect on how it plays. Most of Siege's environments are made of thin wood and thinly insulated drywall. The kasbah looks significantly sturdier than that, with solid brick walls, marble pillars and some tough-looking old fortifications. Ubisoft haven't released any details on the two coming operators either, although one is supposed to be the commander of the fort itself, and the other is a globe-trotting adventurer. More Uncharted than Rainbow Six, perhaps, but thematically interesting.

Ubisoft will be doing their full reveal of Operation Wind Bastion (most likely showcasing the new operators) next weekend, November 17th and 18th, during the Pro League Finals on Twitch here.

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