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Rainbow Six Siege's seventh year will bring three maps

Five! goooold! riings!

It's weird to remember that Rainbow Six Siege was initially a bit of a flop. But rather than shrug and instantly release a sequel, for once Ubisoft kept working on the multiplayer tactical FPS with updates and overhauls, and today it boasts PC player numbers four times higher than launch. Over the weekend, Ubisoft laid out their plans for Year 7 of content updates, including brand new maps for the first time in years.

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Year 7's first season, Demon Veil, will bounce around the globe. The first new map will be set at a country club in Ireland, while new Defender character Azami is from Japan. She has the ability to throw out Kiba Barriers, a bulletproof blob which looks like instant-drying cement you can throw over holes or to fortify a wall. A permanent Team Deathmatch mode is due in Demon Veil too.

Ubisoft's plans on the Rainbow Six Siege year 7 roadmap.
The plan.

Season 2 will bring a Belgian character and a Team Deathmatch map set in Greece. Season 3 will give us a new Operator from Singapore and a new competive map set in parts unknown. Then Season 4 will add an Operator from Colombia.

Other plans for Year 7 include a gradual rollout of systems overall aimed to improve behaviour with features to detect griefing, intentional friendly fire, harrassment, and more. To make the game friendlier to newcomers in particular, Ubisoft plan to add a shooting range to practice without burdening others as well as a series of Operator Tips to better explain wizards and strategies. I'm sure veterans will be allowed to hone their violence on the range too. Balance tweaks are on the docket too, including reworks of Zero, Bandit, Dokkaebi, and Thatcher. Ubisoft gabbed about their plans for the year more in this here video:

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We'll tell you that Siege is one of the best FPSs and multiplayer games on PC.

A group of Ubisoft employees are still campaigning for the company to do more in the wake of summer 2020's many, many allegations and revelations of widespread harassment and discrimination. Over 1000 current and former Ubisoft employees signed an open letter demanding reform. Over 200 days later, the group known as A Better Ubisoft still say "None of our demands have been met and management refuse to engage."

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