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Rainbow Six Siege Halloween event adds spooky hide-and-seek today

Doktor's Curse pits monsters vs exterminators in the 5v5 mode

According to video games, Halloween officially starts today. Look, I don't make the rules! Tonight marks the start of Halloween events in Overwatch, Apex Legends, and Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft's tactical first-person shooter is bringing back Doktor's Curse, its 5v5 hide-and-seek mode where a team of monsters have to survive in a spookily decked-out Theme Park while exterminators hunt them down. This year, new operators are joining the fray too.

Doktor's Curse was introduced to R6 a couple years ago, and it's just a good bit of gimmicky fun. The Theme Park map gets a brilliantly spooky makeover, as if abandoned theme parks weren't eerie enough.

Cover image for YouTube videoDoktor's Curse - The Doktor is out - Trailer

In the hide-and-seek mode, the monsters are the defending team, while the exterminators are the attackers. Everyone has access to special Halloween loadouts and abilities, and there are no guns. Instead, exterminators get breaching hammers to whack mons with, and mons have their usual defending gadget (albeit slightly tweaked), as well as the ability to go briefly invisible.

Monsters win by surviving the round, while exterminators win by, well, exterminating all the beasties. From what I remember, it's pretty tough to play as a monster because you're so limited with what you can do. I'd always end up with a sacrificial squadmate who'd kite the exterminators around while the rest of us did our best to hide. Terrifying stuff, but excellent fun.

Joining the monster squad this year are operators Aruni, Melusi, Smoke, Kapkan, Frost, Lesion and Ela. On the exterminator team, Lion, Jackal and Sledge join the fray.

Doktor's Curse kicks off today, and runs until November 2nd. Of course, the event adds a butt-load of Halloween skins for players to buy too. I think Aruni is my fave, she looks like she's fused with Audrey 2. You can take a peek at some of the other cosmetics on offer on the R6 website.

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