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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

1 day ago

Meet Rainbow 6 Siege’s next characters and map

As Rainbow Six Siege continues smashing through its third year of contents updates, Ubisoft have shown off the two new characters coming in its next big patch, Operation Grim Sky. The fella known as Maverick has a blowtorch to cut wee holes in walls, while Clash is a London rozzer armed with an electrozapping bulletproof shield. Arriving alongside them is a new version of Rainy…

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Feature: Steamy Windows

Steam Charts: Stale Blood Edition

The grim effects of the Steam Summer Sale are finally wearing off, and we've got a bunch of new entries this week! Along with, of course, the usual hoary old guard of dreary regulars. So hold my hand as I guide you through the most exciting article of your life.

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2 weeks ago

Rainbow Six Siege teases Operation Grim Sky and its upcoming Operators

Tactical wall-smasher Rainbow Six Siege is going stereotypically British for its next update. Not only is the Hereford Base map getting a makover, complete with "high chance of rain", Operation Grim Sky brings us a London cop Defender to play as. Presumably because our island is so underwhelming, they'be balancing out all the rain and gloom with an American Attacker, fresh from the dusty streets of…

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Feature: Recharted territory

Steam Charts: Life Changing Edition

Welcome to the Award Winning Steam Charts! Yes, you heard that right! I wrote "Award Winning"! It hasn't technically won any awards, but since everyone can agree it should have, it seems like it would almost be lying not to write it. But enough about how bloody brilliant I am, here are the top grossing games on your Steams this week.

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3 weeks ago

Feature: It's no one's fault but your own

Steam Charts: There Are Consequences Edition

Words are ill-equipped to describe how dull this week's Steam Charts truly are. Read on to see how I combat that. But also, thank goodness there's at least the interesting feature that Plunkbat has, for the first time since it shot to the top of the charts on its release, dropped to third place. Its year-long grip on the top spot was beginning to waver…

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1 month ago

Feature: Special operations

Rainbow Six Siege operators: who to pick and which is best

After 3 years of updates, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege has 40 operators - the game's classes - to choose from. That's 20 attackers and 20 defenders, each with their own skills, gadgets and weapons for you to get your head around. This guide will go through them in their entirety, as well as making recommendations about whether or not to use them.

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Feature: Packin' heat

Rainbow Six Siege Buck: what he can do and how to use him

As one of the first DLC operatives for the attackers in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, Buck changes the game in some rather significant ways, being able to deal with both long and close range threats with a press of a button. He may not have the fanciest skill out there, but our guide features some important information about how to use him and what other…

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Feature: Reinforce the walls

Rainbow Six Siege Castle: what he can do and how to use him

As far as defensive operators go in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, Castle couldn't be simpler to understand conceptually. However there is a huge difference between being simple to understand conceptually and simple to use. This guide will show you the things you should, and shouldn't do with Castle, as well as go through his weapons and gadgets.

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Feature: Silence is golden

Rainbow Six Siege Mute: what he can do and how to use him

Mute is perhaps one of the more annoying operators to deal with in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. His jammers can render drones useless if they get too close, as well as jam the signal to other devices. This guide will take you through exactly what his skill can tamper with, as well as the weapons and gadgets he has on his person.

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Feature: Subdue your enemies

Rainbow Six Siege Capitão: what he can do and how to use him

While some operatives in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege have one job they do really well, Capitão has a little more going on for him. His crossbow can be used in multiple ways, either to directly damage his opponents or confuse them enough for allies to take them down. This guide will go over how to effectively use his crossbow, as well as the weapons and gadgets…

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Feature: This way or that way?

Rainbow Six Siege Jackal: what he can do and how to use him

As one of the few attackers that can track enemies, Jackal can be a particular nuisance to roaming defenders in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Tracking where they have been is one important part of the puzzle of knowing where the enemy currently is. In this guide, you'll find out how to use the ability and what to do with this vital information.

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Feature: Sensors are off the charts

Rainbow Six Siege Hibana: what she can do and how to use her

Sometimes in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, making an explosive entrance isn't as useful as making a smaller explosive hole in your enemies' defences. Hibana's particular method of penetrating fortified walls can be surprisingly effective and one to consider playing, so this guide will take you through the nuances of her ability, and the guns and gadgets she has to offer.

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Feature: A right bobby dazzler

Rainbow Six Siege Ying: what she can do and how to use her

There's making an entrance in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, and then there's making a particularly flashy entrance. Ying's candela is one of the more interesting abilities, mostly because of the many ways it can get into a room full of enemies. This guide will detail all those ways it can be used, as well as the weapons and gadgets to support her assault.

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Feature: What's up?

Rainbow Six Siege Doc: what he can do and how to use him

Doc fulfils a unique role in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege as the defensive team's medic. In a game where everyone's trying to kill each other, Doc just wants to save his teammates lives with his hypodermic shots. He is of course no slouch when it comes to dishing the damage on enemies trying to kill his teammates, so this guide will show you exactly what he…

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Feature: Hidden in plain sight

Rainbow Six Siege Kapkan: what he can do and how to use him

The element of surprise is always the best way to take out an enemy in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Kapkan's tripwires can provide with some sneaky ways to kill the attacking team. In this guide, the weapons and gadgets he has to select from will be detailed, as well as the particular things to keep in mind whenever using Kapkan's skill.

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Feature: Get your armour plates here

Rainbow Six Siege Rook: what he can do and how to use him

Having an added layer of protection in cover is good and all, but in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, you may want a defender that is immediately useful to the team by providing armour for them to wear. This guide on Rook will show you the weapons and gadgets he has on offer, as well as detail exactly why your teammates will be looking at you eagerly…

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Feature: Threat neutralised

Rainbow Six Siege Jäger: what he can do and how to use him

Pesky grenades keeping you pinned? Jäger is Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege's chief anti-grenade guy who can use his defence systems to neutralise any of your enemies more explosive throwables. He's a rather versatile defender, so this guide will give you the lowdown on exactly how his skill works and the weapons, gadgets, and tactics he has to bring to the team.

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Feature: Shocking behaviour

Rainbow Six Siege Bandit: what he can do and how to use him

While very similar to Mute, Bandit uses a more electrifying approach to dealing with the attacking team in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. If a surface has metal nearby, chances are his shock wire will be nearby to zap any oncoming attackers. This guide will take you through his arsenal and some dirty tricks you can pull off with his skill.

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Feature: I have my eyes on you

Rainbow Six Siege Valkyrie: what she can do and how to use her

With playing defence in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, keeping an eye on the enemy gives your team a huge advantage. Valkyrie's cameras are perhaps some of the most versatile of the bunch as they're small, can be thrown anywhere, and are hard to spot without properly searching for them. This guide will inform you about the weapons and gadgets she has, as well as some details on…

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