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Rainbow Six Siege Ying: Y4S1.3 update - what she can do and how to use her

A right bobby dazzler

There's making an entrance in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, and then there's making a particularly flashy entrance. Ying's candela is one of the more interesting abilities, mostly because of the many ways it can get into a room full of enemies. This guide will detail all those ways it can be used, as well as the weapons and gadgets to support her assault.

Ying is yet another DLC operators introduced later in Rainbow Six Siege's lifespan, but her special flash bangs are relatively similar to Fuze's cluster bombs in how they work. They also have added benefits that are worth considering. As one of the easier DLC characters to use, newer players can look at our Rainbow Six Siege guide hub for more general tips and tricks for when they're not dazzling the enemy with bright lights.

Ying operator guide

This guide will go over the recent updates to Ying, as well as her weapons, stats, gadgets, and skill - and how to use them well.

Ying's Stats

Armour: 2
Speed: 2

Ying's Weapon Loadouts

Ying's primary weapons are the T-95 LSW light machine gun and the SIX12 revolver shotgun. Both are good choices, with the light machine gun having a good reload speed thanks to its drum, and the shotgun having a decent fire rate despite a low capacity. Her sole sidearm is the Q-929 handgun which complements both primary weapon choices and has decent recoil management and damage.

Ying's Gadgets

Since both of Ying's gadgets are of the explosive type, it depends on whether you want to specialise on breaching the enemy position or have some protection from people going from behind. More often than not, the breach charges are the best aid to your team as it pairs well with Ying's skill, but the claymore is good if there are a lot of roaming defenders around.

Ying's Skill

Ying has one of the more versatile gadgets thanks to how it can be used. The Candela is essentially a mix between a flash grenade that clusters out and Fuze's cluster bombs. When thrown, it turns into a ball that rolls depending on how long you hold the device for. This can go under slits in the ground and the flash from this device only doesn't affect Ying.

When planted on a wall, it is just a flash variant of Fuze's ability and works the same way. Barbed wire can slow it down and it can also be destroyed by being electrocuted, shot, or exploded by another explosive device. Jäger's device will either destroy the entire ball if rolled, or zap two of the explosive clusters should it detonate.

As of the Y4S1.3 update, the Candela has been changed slightly in that you can cook it like how you'd expect to cook a regular grenade. Throwing it after holding it down for a while will make it detonate sooner. This is to bring her ability more in-line with how a grenade works, as her Candela ability had the opposite effect when the Candela is held down. In addition, it prevents spamming of the ability.

Should I pick Ying?

Her Candela should be used with a small degree of caution since otherwise you'll end up blinding your fellow teammates upon breaching the objective, but that does not mean you shouldn't just get stuck in when things kick off. Because she's immune to her own blinding charges, she can take advantage of disorientating the enemy. As such, she's a great choice for those that like to assist in coordinated attacks.

Perhaps you'd like to learn a bit more about either Fuze - whose gadget is similar and much more explosive, or Jäger and just how his grenade defence system works? If so, go to our main Rainbow Six: Siege operators guide which has links to each individual operator, as well as an overview on the more universally useful ones and which ones beginners should consider learning.

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