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Rainbow Six Siege season Neon Dawn launches tomorrow

The laser gates are warming up

Right about now I hear "neon" and I think "cyberpunk" but hold up, Neon Dawn is the next season of Rainbow Six Siege and it launches tomorrow. Ubisoft have detailed exactly when you can expect them to deploy the dawn and how big the update will be. You'll be up against the new defender Aruni before long.

Ubisoft have announced that players can expect about an hour of server downtime while the Neon Dawn update is rolled out. For PC players, that's supposed to be happening at 1pm GMT/8am EDT on Tuesday, December 1st.

The patch size for Steam and Uplay versions of the game will be 60GB. "With Operation Neon Dawn, we will be consolidating data files which means this patch is larger than usual, but when complete will take up less memory on your computer/console," they say.

When Neon Dawn launches, year five pass owners will have access to Aruni, the new defender who uses laser gates to block enemies and gadgets. Ubisoft have also reworked the Skyscraper map and added some new accessibility options.

Aruni's also gotten a new animated story trailer to explain some of her background in case you enjoy the side of story with your sieging.

If you missed it, the man and the meme himself Tachanka got a huge rework recently with new weapons and abilities and a new voice actor too.

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