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Rainbow Six Siege's big Tachanka rework is now live

He here comes with a beefy LMG and a new voice actor

Yesterday, Rainbow Six Siege operator Tachanka threw his turret out the window, picked up an LMG and started running around blowing holes in walls and doors, all while yelling with a completely different voice. The Russian defender hasn't gone mad mind you, he's just had a major rework and come out the other side a new man - literally, because as well as new weapons and abilities, he's got a new voice actor, too.

Rather than sitting like lemon on his mounted turret, Tachanka is now a lot more mobile. He's swapped out his old shotgun for a new primary weapon, the DP27 LMG, which can mow down walls like no one's business. As well as that, his turret has been replaced by the Shumikha Launcher, which fires incendiary grenades in quick succession. It leaves flames on the ground that your enemies will have a very bad time trying to get through.

On the PTR he had Zofia's Withstand ability, which allowed him to pick himself up after being downed but with only 5% of his health. Unfortunately, this has been removed from Tachanka on the live servers. He clearly doesn't need it, though, get a load of this bad boy in the trailer below.

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That's not a man who could ever be downed.

The last big switch up for old Tachanka is his voice. Due to "unavoidable constraints", his voice lines have all been recorded with a new actor.

There are a few bug fixes and minor alterations, too. Check 'em out in the patch notes.

For years this lad has been a proper meme. In fact, I don't know anyone I play Siege with that actually calls him Tachanka: it's always Lord Tachanka, Papa Chanka, or one my pal came out with when I told him about the rework, "oh, Big Chanky."

It's nice to see him finally become a bit more viable and live up to these kingly names. You can see for yourself what the new and improved Tachanka is like on the live servers right now.

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