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Rainbow Six Siege Nomad: Y4S1.3 update - what she can do and how to use her

Make 'em fly

Nomad introduces a tactic that's not widely used into Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - using proximity grenades to flush out enemies, either by running out of range or knocking them back. A recent update has tinkered with her loadout and AirJab launcher slightly, so we're updating our guide accordingly.

Nomad has an obvious combination of attacks that she can use just on her own, but she's best played alongside certain other operators that specialise in breaching through walls. You can get some more general tips and tricks at our Rainbow Six Siege guide hub to help even further master your skill with this operator.

Nomad operator guide

This guide will go over how to use her Airjab launcher effectively, as well as the stats, weapons, and gadgets that Nomad has to offer.

Nomad's Stats

Armour: 2
Speed: 2

Nomad's Weapon Loadouts

Nomad's two weapon choices are the AK-74M Assault Rifle and the ARX200 Assault Rifle. Both of them can be equipped with a large array of scopes, but I found I had more success with the ARX200 thanks to its increased fire rate, more refined recoil, and slightly buffed damage. It does have a slightly lower capacity to compensate for this.

The AK-74M does have a unique reflex sight, but it can use other scopes. A recent change to the game made the reload times for the Airjab when using the AK-74M and ARX200 more even, as it was apparently a bug rather than a feature. Therefore for me personally I prefer the stopping power of the ARX200, but it's all about personal preference.

As one of the two Moroccan operatives in the game, Nomad uses the .44 Mag Semi-Auto which comes with an ACOG-like scope. This has recently seen a balance change that has brought its damage more in-line with the rest of the pistols in the game, as well as tinkered with the recoil, but it's still a decent pistol with its ACOG-like scope alone.

Nomad's Gadgets

It seems that Nomad is playing hot potato with her gadgets as the Claymore has swapped back to the Stun Grenades in the most recent update. Using these with the AirJab is an incredibly powerful when used correctly as it can disorientate the enemy long enough for someone to finish them off.

Breaching charges allow for you to try and storm the enemy position, but I would still recommend the Stun Grenades as the combo is just too good to miss out on.

Nomad's Skill

Nomad's got the AirJab launcher - a proximity mine launcher that does no damage. Instead it knocks over any unfortunate foe that got too close to its proximity range. You can either use it to set up traps or flush out those that are hunkering down. It can also be used to make enemies fly through walls, Castle's barricades, or even fly off the edge of a stairwell or roof (this will deal damage from the fall). With three rounds, there's plenty for you to assist your team. The only exceptions are that it won't send you flying out of a window or fall through a trap door.

The most recent update now includes a small audio cue for anyone close to the AirJab mines, meaning careful enemies can keep an ear out for them. While only enemies can trigger the proximity mines, anyone within the range of the detonation will be thrown back. This includes Nomad, so make sure you're not deploying them where they're going to inconvenience teammates. They can also be concealed effectively in floorboards, making defender's jobs much harder, as well as interrupt a defusing attempt in the Bomb game type.

This allows for some obvious counters to some of the more annoying operatives. Mira in particular is no longer safe hunkering down while your team fires overhead, while Clash will also be stunned momentarily, allowing you or teammates to shoot her before she gets up. It can also interrupt a Caveira interrogation, but it does not knock Lord Tachanka off his turret. He's finally got an advantage, but it's not a particularly useful one.

There are a couple of counters though. The most recent update now includes a small audio cue for anyone close to the AirJab mines, meaning careful enemies can keep an ear out for them and the yellow flash of their light will give their position away. Jäger's ADS can use one of its charges to destroy one charge. You can also shoot the mines if you spot its telltale yellow light, and Nomad's AirJab has a yellow laser pointer that both sides can see. Mute's jammer does not affect the proximity mine.

Should I pick Nomad?

When you have a team that includes the likes of Ash, Thermite, or Hibana, Nomad is an obvious combination that should always be taken. She's not a bad option if they're not on your team, but she's most effectively used now as a stopgap against roaming players, or support for a breach. You can still use the combination of Airjab and Stun grenades, provided your teammates have them, and it can be incredibly effective at flushing out any defenders hiding at an objective.

So you want to know why taking out the enemy's abilities and traps is a vital thing for Nomad players to consider? You can look at our main Rainbow Six: Siege operators guide which has links to each individual operator, as well as an overview on the more universally useful ones and which ones beginners should consider learning.

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