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Rainbow Six Siege Echo: Y4S1.3 update - what he can do and how to use him

Spooky goings on

Echo is the only defender, outside of some shenanigans from Mozzie, that has a defensive drone. His one is special in that it can disorientate enemies, as well as leap onto ceilings. A recent update has given him something to think about, which we will detail in this new version of the guide.

As an operator that controls a drone for the defensive team, Echo is one of the more advanced difficulty operators to get used to. He does have some good guns that even newer players can take advantage of, especially with the tactics in our Rainbow Six Siege guide hub, but the drone needs to be looked after in order to use Echo effectively.

Echo operator guide

This guide will go over the recent update to Echo, as well as detail explain why his drone can be used for really good surveillance, as well as the guns and gadgets he has to support the team.

Echo's Stats

Armour: 3
Speed: 1

Echo's Weapon Loadouts

Both of Echo's primary weapons are at the very least decent choices. The Supernova pump action shotgun has decent recoil, but is a bit slower between shots than some more viable shotguns out there. The MP5SD submachine gun is equipped with a suppressor by default and does relatively decent damage. Sidearms include the P229 which is okay, as well as the Bearing 9 machine pistol that sports a ridiculous fire rate of 1100.

Echo's Gadgets

His selection of gadgets include the deployable shield and the barbed wire. Both are viable, but since Echo is more of an objective defence character than a roaming defender, it's a good idea to have him hunker down behind a shield. If you have another objective defender nearby, then this is the ideal setup.

Echo's Skill

Echo has access to the Yokai - a drone much like the ones the attackers would be using on you, only this one has some extra features. Firstly, it has a sonic emitter that can disorientate enemies if it the blast hits them from the waist up. It can also launch itself onto a solid ceiling to act as a camera, and it even comes complete with camouflage when immobile. You can't take it outside as you'll lose signal a short time afterwards, but it isn't destroyed once you lose signal, so you can go outside and retrieve it.

Should I pick Echo?

There are some rather ridiculous things you can do with Echo depending on the map. Some floors are only partially destructible, you can have the Yokai blend into the blown up floorboards, with the shimmer being relatively unseen. He is primarily meant to stay with the objective and use the drone, so if that idea bores you to tears then maybe go for a more active roamer.

As of the Y4S1.3 update, Echo has a new operator to watch out for, as IQ can detect when he is using his PDA to control the drone. Make sure that your team is calling out operators that they see and if there is ever an Echo alive, try to limit your use of the drone.

Since Echo has drones, there are a few others that also use drones on the attacking team to watch out for, especially Twitch. Check out our main Rainbow Six: Siege operators guide for information on her, as well the links to each individual operator. There's also an overview on the more universally useful operators and which ones beginners should consider learning.

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