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Rainbow Six Extraction's operators will all be ones you know from Siege

Extraction is extracting your favorites from Siege

After spending some time under wraps, Rainbow Six Extraction recently emerged with the expected announcement that it would be ditching its former name "Quarantine". What it isn't letting go of, Ubisoft say, are all of the oh so many operators in Rainbow Six Siege. With so many to choose from, Ubisoft aren't designing new operators for their Left 4 Dead-like co-op shooter. Instead, they're going to be bringing some player favorite operators to Extraction, along with some who "haven’t received the amount of love we think they deserve".

Over on its website, Extraction has revealed half of its operators so far, including the likes of Sledge, Doc, Pulse, and Finka, among others. Just don't expect those yet to be announced to be brand new faces. It may be a Rainbow Six spinoff, but it's going to be bringing the operators you already know to fight off those zombie hordes.

"Sure, we had some discussions about creating brand new operators, but we felt that bringing the current ones in another context (PVE) was simply the best way to add new layers of lore and to shine a new light on them," game director Patrik Méthé tells The Loadout.

Siege has dozens of operators, while Extraction has announced it will have 18, so they won't all be coming along for the ride. Méthé says that the obvious first choices were operators who seemed to fit into the game and its setting well. Beyond that, Ubisoft chose "some of the most beloved operators, but also some of the operators that, so far, haven’t received the amount of love we think they deserve."

They do want Siege players to be able to transition to Extraction without too much effort, but "we had to make some changes to both gadgets and abilities (on top of adding completely new ones) to make sure they were impactful in a PVE environment," they say.

Rainbow Six Extraction is launching on September 16th on Ubisoft's store and the Epic Games Store. It'll also be available on Stadia, PlayStations, and Xbox boxes.

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