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Rainbow Six Siege Mozzie: what he can do and how to use him

A drone's worst nightmare.

Mozzie's drone stealing pests have been hassling of any attacking team in Rainbow Six Siege for the past few weeks now and more has been unearthed about the new defender in Year 4 Season 1. Some may want to know just how to beat him, so this guide will go over everything there is to know about this handlebar moustached operator.

With effective use of our Rainbow Six Siege guide hub, you can get the most out of using Mozzie. He's a bit of a tricky character to use, and while his ability to take over drones is ridiculously fun, it's not the only thing that this handlebar moustached fella has to offer. You can also head back to our Rainbow Six: Siege operators guide, which has links to each individual operator, as well as an overview on the more universally useful ones and which ones beginners should consider learning.

Mozzie operator guide

Mozzie - the new defender for Year 4 Season 1, comes packing with three little pest bugs that love to ambush drones, much like the deadly funnel spider. This guide will go over his stats, weapon loadouts, gadgets, and his pest launcher, as well as any counters and operators that Mozzie particularly does well against.

Mozzie's Stats

Armour: 2
Speed: 2

Mozzie's Weapon Loadouts

Mozzie comes equipped with the Command 9 assault rifle and the P10 RONI SMG. The Commando 9 is far more precise than the P10 RONI, especially if you're not aiming down sights. The extended barrel on the P10 RONI is not to be understated. The bullets from the Command 9 don't have as much penetration, so your mileage will be different depending on how you're using the weapon. Mozzie does have a unique holosight, which is worth slapping onto the guns.

As for the two side weapons, Mozzie has the Super Shorty shotgun and the SDP 9mm semi-automatic pistol. The Super Shorty does blow massive chunks out of wooden walls and can be fired relatively quickly, but it also has quite a long reload time when the clip is empty. Thankfully you can interrupt this if needed, but even just putting one shell in the chamber takes a long time. The SDP 9mm deals more damage per shot and when fired in a specific way can be easier to control, but it comes at the cost of some utility. I'd personally go with the shotgun on the grounds that it enables Mozzie to breach walls, making placing some of his Pests a little easier.

Mozzie's Gadgets

You can give Mozzie either the barbed wire or nitro cell. The barbed wire does wonders in the early game when you're trying to make it easy for your Pests to latch onto wandering drones, so it's therefore the far better pick. C4 does give you more choices further into the game, but barbed wire is just generally the way to go.

Mozzie's Skill

The Pest Launcher is a skill that makes drones think twice about recklessly going into the enemy base. Mozzie has three of them that he can launch and while you can pick them back up if needed, they should really be left in inconspicuous places. You can also fire them directly at drones, but it can be quite tricky to hit. Drones will be able to take over drones that are thrown into rooms as well, so there's no getting around it once it's deployed.

Once it has taken over a drone, you no longer have that pest, but the drone is fully controllable by the Mozzie player. This is indicated by a little blue pulse on Mozzie's HUD. Your team will be able to see it from anywhere as the drone is highlighted. Should you die, you can even look at the drone's camera, but in much the same way as the attackers do if they die, you can't move it.

If you're in the attacking team, you can tell it's been taken over by Mozzie by looking to see if the drone has a blue light on top, but this appears only if Mozzie is looking through the drone. Enemy teams do get a little advanced warning if they're about to wander into an area with a pest lurking nearby thanks to the red triangle above the compass. The drone can't leave the map, however the attackers don't regain control of the drone.

Should I pick Mozzie?

Given his rather universal ability to disrupt any intelligence gathering from the enemy, this ability is as useful as it seems. His weapons are also fairly good and balanced, giving him plenty of flexibility as a defender, helping other defenders such as Mira by providing a repellent to Twitch drones. If the enemy team is playing Twitch, Mozzie is a direct counter as he can nab even their Twitch drones, however careful players can sneak up on the pest to take it out from just out of range.

As an electrical gadget however, it's easily countered by Thatcher's EMP grenades, though this will only briefly disable a hacked drone. If a Mozzie stays viewing the drone, it will not have lights until he exits and re-enters the drone view, essentially giving him a stealth drone. IQ can also see them, even if Mozzie isn't actively looking through them, so make sure you're calling out to your team if you spot one on your device. Communication is also very key, much like the attacking teams would be talking if Caveira interrogates them. All that said, they're very weak, taking one shot of any damage to be destroyed. Dokkaebi can also hack into the drone when hacking into the camera network; it is able to tag enemies but not control the drone.

That's all the tips for playing as Mozzie. While you're looking at the new stuff for Rainbow Six Siege, it may even be worth checking out the new map. Go to our Rainbow Six: Siege Outback guide to learn more about the Australian map introduced in Year 4 Season 1.

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