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Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Steel Wave is go go go

Two new Operators, one reworked map

Two new Operators arrived in Rainbow Six Siege today, the wall-busting attacker Ace and enemy-slowing defender Melusi. The latest update, Operation Steel Wave is go go go and brings a rework of the House map too. One of the new Operators uses water gadget to punch holes in walls, and the other has machines that'll shout at your enemies. Come meet them.

Hailing from Norway, Ace has a water-powered gadget named S.E.L.M.A. which punches holes in surfaces. Thrown at a floor it'll knock out one panel, but on walls it will roll down to blow out up to three panels. South Africa's Melusi can stick up Banshee Sonic Defence gadgets, which are proxomity-activated to make a terrible throbbing noise which slows enemies and let you know they're around. The Banshee is not invulnerable but is bulletproof so it'll take some work to destroy.

As is standard for Siege, folks who own Siege's year pass will get Ace and Melusi immediately but everyone else will need to wait until June 23rd then unlock them with Renown or R6 Credits.

A new secondary gadget, the Proximity Alarm, arrives today too. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

Today's update also brings a rework of House, one of Siege's original maps. The house itself has been expanded with new rooms, a new bomb site, and remodelling in other areas to fiddle with sight lines and access points. Ubisoft explained, "While we strived to keep this map as casual as possible, we still felt there were some things we needed to change in order for it to be well balanced."

See Ubisoft's Steel Wave page for more details and the patch notes. Few more balance tweaks and bits going on there. This little addendum notes a few last-minute fixes and tweaks too.

The new season's battle pass will launch on June 29th.

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