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Get up to 75% off in Ubisoft's big Rainbow Six franchise sale

From the complete edition of Rainbow Six Siege at $54 to the legendary single-player games for $2.50 each

With Rainbow Six Siege's annual premiere tournament almost upon us - and indeed, the first offline Siege esports event since the start of the pandemic - Ubisoft have discounted games across the Rainbow Six franchise over at the Ubisoft Store by up to 75%.

That makes it a terrific time to pick up the Ultimate Edition of Siege, which includes the full game plus five years worth of operators, maps and cosmetics at 40% off. I remember paying around $30 just for one season, so to pick up everything for $54 is an absolute steal. If you're not willing to commit that heavily, the smaller Deluxe Edition at $9.90 is our top pick - you get much more than the $8 base game, including two years of operators, for less than two dollars more. There are also some universal weapon skins for $1.49 each; I'm quite partial to the emerald one myself.

Outside of just Rainbow Six Siege, this sale is also a great opportunity to check out the series' legendary back catalogue - which includes so many sterling single-player games, from the strategic original series to the rather more bombastic Vegas entries. At $2.50, you can choose from the OG Rainbow Six, Rainbow Six 3 (confusing!), Rainbow Six Lockdown or Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

There's also a Rainbow Six Collection that costs $24.30 right now, 73% off its usual price, which contains all of the above, including the Siege base game, plus the original Rainbow Six Vegas which is a rather fun game in its own right but seems to not be available standalone for some reason.

(Alternatively, if you're into that whole subscription service thing, you could subscribe to Ubisoft+ and get all of the games for $14.99 a month; if you cancel before the next month it'll be slightly cheaper and of course you get access to Ubi's other properties like Ghost Recon, The Division, Far Cry, Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs Legion and so on.)

In any case, whether you're kitting up for all-out competitive warfare in Siege or enjoying the classic Rainbow Six experience, these games are well worth playing and now is a good time to do so.

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