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Rainbow Six Siege's Halloween event turns you into horrific puppets and I hate it

I admire that Siege has such varied Halloween events each year, but why did it have to be puppets?

Rainbow Six Siege's Halloween event kicks off today, trapping you in a nightmare where everyone has turned into a respawning puppet. I do not like it one bit. The event is called Sugar Fright, and it plonks players straight into Frost's fever dream where everything is made of sweets and all your friends look like horrible Muppet Show rejects.

The game mode, Candy War, sees Tricksters and Treaters (attackers and defenders) to kill each other over and over to collect candy from their corpses. The first team to get 50 candies wins, and this is actually the first time Siege has had a mode where players respawn.

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10 operators are available for this new mode, with IQ, Zofia, Nomad, Capitao and Thermite in one squad, then Frost, Pulse, Ela, Castle and Goyo in the other. Of course, each of these poor souls has had the puppet treatment. They've "traded their flesh and blood for fabric and stuffing," the website says, which made me do a little shiver.

As always, lots of Halloween cosmetics are on offer, too. You can get these from Sugar Fright Packs which can be earned by completing challenges, or you can buy them with your earned Renown or premium R6 Credits.

Last year's event had monster-players running around the Theme Park map avoiding hunters, so I do admire Siege's vastly different take on Halloween each year. Just, why did it have to be puppets?

Sugar Fright starts today and runs until November 10th. You'll find me in the candy town cowering beneath a stack of cookies.

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