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Rainbow Six Siege Maestro: Y4S1.3 update - what he can do and how to use him

Zap, zap, zap

Maestro is one of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege's newer operatives and his ability makes him a huge pain to deal with. Not only are his cameras almost impossible to take out, they can pester you with little lasers. A recent update makes EMP effects a lot more useful against him, so we'll be going over those in a bit.

To use Maestro well, you need to ensure that you're using his ability well and are well hidden. Our Rainbow Six Siege guide hub can take you a fair bit with the shooting bit, but his camera is one of those abilities that cannot be used incorrectly, or you'll lose your advantage.

Maestro operator guide

This guide will go over the recent change to Maestro's Evil Eye, as well as expose exactly what Maestro can do, such as the rather decent arsenal he has on his person when not annoying you with lasers.

Maestro's Stats

Armour: 3
Speed: 1

Maestro's Weapon Loadouts

Maestro’s first gun is the Alda 5.56 light machine-gun. With 80 rounds to rinse through, it’s got a great ammo capacity and decent mobility so be sure to stick an ACOG on that Just be mindful of the recoil change that was implemented recently. Alternatively, the ACS12 is a fully automatic shotgun that can just make mincemeat out of walls. For sidearms, the Keratos .357 is a revolver that has decent damage and a low recoil, so is marginally more useful overall than the Bailiff 410, which is a pistol-sized shotgun and not really to be paired with the ACS12.

Maestro's Gadgets

In Maestro’s bag of tricks are the barbed wire and the deployable shield. If you’re going to hunker down in a relatively safe area, then barbed wire could be a good choice for slowing down enemies and highlighting to nearby players with lasers from his skill. Otherwise, the deployable shield gives that bit of reassurance.

Maestro's Skill

Evil Eye is proving to be an invaluable addition to the defensive team. You get a couple of deployable cameras that are almost completely bulletproof. If placed on a surface that can’t be penetrated, like concrete, then it’ll be very difficult to destroy. Arming the laser and firing does make it slightly vulnerable to being destroyed, but can show other players easily where the enemy is.

Should I pick Maestro?

Maestro is a very solid choice with few weaknesses. Even if you just use his ability as extra security cameras, he can provide valuable information to the team. His lasers have the added bonus of being a nuisance. He’s also very good at roaming around close to the objective thanks to his two very good primary weapons.

A recent change has put a vulnerability in Maestro's Evil Eye cameras - namely what happens if either Thatcher or Twitch use their EMP effects (grenade or drone respectively) against the camera. It will not only be stunned, but the shutters will open slightly to expose the camera. Twitch can use another shock charge to destroy the camera, but it can also be shot at by anyone nearby.

Valkyrie is another operative that uses security footage to inform the team of where the enemy is. To know more about her, look at our main Rainbow Six: Siege operators guide for links to each individual operator. There's also an overview on the more universally useful operators and which ones beginners should consider learning.

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