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A new season just snuck up on Rainbow Six: Siege

Stealth takedown

Huh! Out of nowhere, a massive, unannounced update just skulked its way into Rainbow Six: Siege. Fittingly, it's the one wot's adding Splinter Cell sneaky-boy Sam Fisher to the Clanceyverse team shooter. Operation Shadow Legacy is now live seemingly ahead of its own announcement, adding a new operator, map and scope reworks, and a whole host of smaller fixes. Just give us a heads up next time, eh?

It'd be rather silly to expect the Sam Fisher season to arrive without shooting out all the lights and cameras, wouldn't it? Still, getting a 14GB update past the guards is no easy feat.

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So! Now it's here, Shadow Legacy lets us get back in the impractical goggles of Sam Fisher (sorry, "Zero"), in lieu of his series being on seemingly-indefinite hiatus. As usual, ol' Fisher comes with a new stash of gadgets to play around with, chief among these being tiny spy cameras that can zap opponents with an irritating laser. The update also gives everyone the option to pack new breaching gadgets, letting you knock through a reinforced wall or two without bringing a dedicated wallbreaker.

Elsewhere, the update also beefs up the ping system, ApeLegs-style. You can now ping specific hazards and gadgets, either in person or as a drone, letting your team immediately know where that pesky Kapkan trap is lurking. Scopes have also gotten a bit of a rework, adding new sights to the list and properly re-labeling the ACOG as a 3x, not a 2.5x. Meanwhile, Chalet has been remodelled and the bomb prop has been remade, along with dozens of smaller changes found over on the update's patch notes.

It's likely Shadow Legacy will get a proper announcement during Ubisoft Forward later tonight, with the show kicking off at 8 pm UK time. Expect to see more on Assassin's Creed Valhalla and whatever's going on with Immortals Fenyx Rising, among others.

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