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Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher is sneaking into Rainbow Six Siege

Kept you waiting, huh.

Three green eyes lurk in the shadows of Rainbow Six Siege, which means it's time for Tom Clancy stealth buff Sam Fisher to join the wargames. It might be five years since he last headlined his own game, but the Splinter Cell star will join Team Rainbow in Operation: Shadow Legacy. Expect more intel on the ageing sneaker's career change alongside the update's full reveal this Sunday.

After palling around with the gunmen and women in Ghost Recon, sneakyman Sam Fisher has set his sights on the murderbuds over at Rainbow Six. Seeing as he's basically touring Tom Clancy properties at this point, I wonder when Fisher'll be strapping on his flight helmet with the Hawx gang.

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What's this fakeout though? The trio of green dots aren't googles, but the sights on a gun? And who's tones are spilling out of this gruff lad's vocal chords, because they sure don't belong to Michael Ironsides. It's also a bit naff how Ubisoft are making a trend of bringing Sam Fisher back in every way possible (from Breakpoint cameo to Netflix anime), as long as it doesn't involve making a new Splinter Cell.

It's too early to speculate how, exactly, Sam will fit into the Rainbow Six roster - though it looks like he'll be arriving under the callsign "Zero". Leaks from back in June suggest he'll be an attacker, using camera bolts to spy through soft walls and potentially deal ranged damage (via PC Gamer).

We'll get more deets when Operation Shadow Legacy's full trailer airs this Sunday, 7pm UK time.

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