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Rainbow Six Extraction's first gameplay trailer announces a release date too

Weird, but looks pretty fun

Ubisoft today announced a release date of September 16th Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction, the cooperative monster-mashing FPS formerly known as Rainbow Six Quarantine. It will pit familiar R6 Siege operators against a parasitic alien goop that's taking over cities - and people. Check out the first gameplay trailer below.

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Quarantine sends three players on missions to probe and battle many varities of goopmen (officially called Archæns, æ and all), using the familiar abilities of 18 operators to scout, manipulate, and murder. Along the way, they can flee via extraction points or push deeper to face greater threats in the hope of greater rewards.

Honestly, this looks pretty fun. Ubisoft gabbing about the importance of stealth to avoid riling the beasties did make me think of the wonderfully horrible cooperative sci-fi shooter GTFO, a game I am too much of a baby to play. I'd go for a baby mode version, sure.

Here's a new cinematic trailer too:

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If a player goes down during a mission, apparently they can be captured by the Trojans and become unplayable until rescued. "Every time you go in the containment zone, you risk losing all your progress and upgrades," game designer Alicia Fortier said on the stream. I would be surprised the reality is quite as punishing as that sounds. We'll have to see.

One nice bonus: Ubi say Extraction will have cross-platform multiplayer. Oh, and it does have solo play if you want it.

Ubisoft's decreasingly serious tactial FPS series tangled with goop mutants in an R6 Siege event mode in 2018, then Ubisoft announced R6 Quarantine at E3 2019. They went quiet soon after that, delaying the game several times.

Rainbow Six Quarantine will launch September 16th, with the PC version on Ubisoft's store and the Epic Games Store. No Steam again, huh? It'll also be on Stadia, Xboxes, and PlayStations. Check out the game's website for more info.

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