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Rainbow Six Quarantine will fight more alien mutants in co-op

Tom Clancy's John Carpenter's The Thing

Mutant alien beasties will return to trouble the Rainbow 6 gang in new three-player cooperative FPS Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Quarantine, Ubisoft announced today. The two tangled in R6 Siege's Outbreak event mode in 2018 and now "a totally new breed of mutated alien parasite" is back for a full-on rumble. Ubisoft are pretty vague about this for now, sitting firmly in the "teaser" stage of their marketing plan. That said, the obvious assumption about Quarantine is that it's an an expansion of ideas in Outbreak and Ubisoft don't do anything to head off such assumptions. But here, enjoy a vague trailer.

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"You will see a lot of familiarities when you play, everything related to gunplay and also using your gadget, tactics, and destruction," lead game designer Bio Jade explained in a chatty video accompanying that vague cinematic. Some characters will also be familiar, with Ela and Vigil, two of the Siegenauts, popping up there.

"An operator is not just a weapon, a gadget, an ability, they're a whole personality. People like them - they already create fan art and fan fic about them. However, using those operators in that new context really makes them different. They feel not the same as you would have them in Rainbow Six Siege because you are in a PvE context, you're in co-op, you're in a squad, you want to be tactical and tackle the objectives... you're going to see it's going to feel very different even though the operators are familiar."

Due some time in 2020, R6 Quarantine is being made by a new team within Ubisoft Montreal. Testing signups are open on the Quarantine site, for those who fancy a crack at getting to see it early.

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