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Rainbow Six Siege legacy version comes to the Arcade

Plant the bomb on classic maps

The year 2021 is fast approaching, but rather than confront the horrors of the unknown just yet, Rainbow Six Siege is taking a step back into its past. Ubisoft have summoned up R6 Siege: Classic, if you will. The Legacy Arcade is a version of Siege from its early days that you can play from now until January 5th.

For the Legacy Arcade, Ubisoft say you'll choose from one of the 20 main operators on Siege's roster. "Though your Operators will have their current abilities, all of your secondary gadgets will be fitting the original loadout of the game. That means no claymore, no impact or anything that was released later in the game." Deployable shields are the exception, apparently, which will remain in their current form.

You'll play Plant Bomb with Casual Rules, rotating between attack and defense each round. Maps are getting a rollback in this mode as well. Ubisoft say you'll play the original versions of Hereford Base and House and the Plane map too.

As a thank you to anyone who chooses to celebrate Siege's past by playing in the Legacy Arcade, Ubisoft say they'll be handing out one freebie operator. If you've already got them all, you can instead snag an Elf Ash skin.

You can hop into the Legacy Arcade mode from now until January 5th, 2021.

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