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Red Dead Redemption 2: Gangs guide

Everything you need to know about gangs in Red Dead Redemption 2.

As you explore the world and progress through the main storyline, you’ll bump into more and more gangs along the way - it is the Wild West after all.

In Red Dead Redemption 2, the gangs you bump into aren’t the friendliest bunch. More often than not, they’ll stick you up for money or even attempt to ambush you out in the wild. Depending how far through the storyline you are, and what region you’re bumbling around in, different gangs will cause you trouble.

Below we’ve put together everything you need to know about gangs in Red Dead Redemption 2, including all the possible encounters you can have, as well as likely locations for each of them.

All Gang Encounters

Here’s a breakdown of all the gang encounters in the game.


Every now and again, you’ll be ambushed by a group of gang members when roaming the map. They’ll usually emerge from the bushes, or behind rocks while you’re following a trail on horseback.

The enemy gang will often block your path and make conflict unavoidable, so it’s best to whip out your guns and deal with the threats quickly. We recommend going into Dead Eye to gain the upper hand, before dismounting and taking cover - you don’t want your horse taking a stray bullet.

Once you’ve taken them all out, it’s best to leave the scene quickly as you never know when a witness or lawman will come trotting past. If you’re spotted looting, or anywhere near the scene of the crime, you’ll be a wanted man.

Chance Encounters

There are a number of scenarios you can encounter in the open world which don’t feature you as the prime target. You might pass a stagecoach being robbed, or an innocent stranger for instance. It’s up to you to decide how you approach these situations.

Hideout Captures

Hideouts are strongholds filled to the brim with gang members. You can capture them by eliminating all the foes within the area to obtain valuable items.

During the story you’ll be tasked with four hideout captures, along with an additional two once you’ve completed Chapter 6. Finally, there’s one bonus hideout called Twin Rocks that’s only available to those who’ve purchased the Special/Ultimate editions of the game.

Prepare well before each hideout capture as you’ll face a large throng of enemies who aren’t afraid to flank and overwhelm you. Bring plenty of ammunition, health items and make sure your horse is out of the danger zone too.


These work in much the same way as hideouts. Occasionally you’ll bump into gang camps which you can clear out. It’s best to approach these stealthily and kick the skirmish off with a well-place headshot from the shadows.

Clear out the camp and there’s often a lockbox containing a cash clip, and a few other valuables too.

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Gang Locations

Below we’ve outlined where you’re most likely to find each gang in the game.

Spoilers below

Cover image for YouTube videoRed Dead Redemption 2 ALL GANG HIDEOUT LOCATIONS

Video by 100% Guides

  • O’Driscolls - Dotted throughout the western side of New Hanover and northern West Elizabeth. They have two hideouts, one in Cumberland Forest and the other north of Big Valley, just across the Little Creek River.
  • Lemoyne Raiders - Scattered around Rhodes and central Lemoyne. Their hideout is directly east of Braithwaite Manor, near the shore.
  • Skinner Brothers - Found exclusively in and around southern West Elizabeth. Around Blackwater and extending west towards Tall Trees.
  • Murfee Brood - Imagine a thin line extending north from Bluewater Marsh, through Vanhorn, into Annesburg and just beyond. Their hideout is located just west of Annesburg.
  • Laramie - Only found in two spots: Just west of Strawberry, next to Owanjila Lake, and western Little Creek Lake.
  • Night Folk - Dense pockets of this gang can be found in western Bluewater Marsh, north west of Bluewater Marsh, just northeast of Lakay and west of Lakay on the eastern edge of the Bayou and extending across to the Kamassa River.
  • Del Lobo - Found throughout New Austin, an area which opens up at the end of the game. Their hideouts can be found in Thieves Landing and Fort Mercer.

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