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The Foxer

The 127-cell honeycomb below is a fancy form of wordsearch in which every cell is used, and words can curl and zigzag but never overlap. Each hive foxer has a theme (some previous ones: roses, walls, postage stamps, and The 39 Steps). Identifying this theme is a vital part of the defoxing process. Today’s puzzle is made up of 16 answers.

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Last week's wordchain:

2. ADNAMS (Thundercock_Cervixhammer, phlebas)
3. AMSEL (Gothnak, phlebas)
4. SELKIE (Thundercock_Cervixhammer)
5. KIEL (Syt)
6. ELEANOR (Gothnak)
7. ORWELL (Gothnak)
8. ELLSWORTH (phlebas, Rorschach617)
9. THERMOBARIC (phlebas, Rorschach617)
10. ICHTHYOSAUR (Gothnak, phlebas)
11. URUGUAY (phlebas, Gothnak)
12. AYAHUASCA (Thundercock_Cervixhammer)
13. SCAPEGOAT (Thundercock_Cervixhammer)
14. ATTACKER (Gothnak, AFKAMC)
15. EREBUS (Gothnak)
16. USHANT (phlebas)
17. ANTARES (Gothnak)
18. RESURRECTIONIST (Thundercock_Cervixhammer, Gothnak, phlebas)
19. STURMTIGER (a_monk, Stugle)
20. ERINYES (Thundercock_Cervixhammer)
21. ESCAPEMENT (a_monk, Gothnak)
22. ENTERPRISE (Stugle)
23. SECATEURS (Gothnak)
24. URSUS (a_monk)

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