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The Foxer

To fully defox the following enlargeable geofoxer, identify all twelve locations plus the theme that links them.

*       *       *


Last week's hive foxer theme: walls (defoxed by chuckieegg)

1. anaglypta (chuckieegg)
2. atlantic (hitcherland, AFKAMC)
3. brick (AFKAMC)
4. deeping (hitcherland)
5. dravid (hitcherland)
6. fourth (hitcherland)
7. gum (Thundercock_Cervixhammer, hitcherland)
8. ha-ha (Thundercock_Cervixhammer)
9. humpty (hitcherland)
10. Jericho (chuckieegg)
11. lizard (Thundercock_Cervixhammer, AFKAMC, hitcherland)
12. party (hitcherland)
13. pink floyd (hitcherland, AFKAMC)
14. qi (hitcherland)
15. sea (hitcherland)
16. shear (hitcherland)
17. t
18. tortilla (hitcherland)
19. vallum aelium (hitcherland, Shiloh)
20. wailing (AFKAMC)
21. wainscot (Stugle)


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