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The Textorcist is a bullet hell type 'em up

Mavis Beacon, eat your heart out

Sure you've touchtyped through zombie hordes in Typing Of The Dead, but are your fingers nimble enough to tap out exorcisms while dodging demonic bullet hell blasts? You'll get to find out in The Textorcist, an upcoming game which will have us both typing and dodging, dispelling demons with our fast fingers and hot feet. Mavis Beacon, eat your heart out.

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Here's Ray Bibbia, a private exorcist in a city overrun with demons. He can banish them with his magic spells but, as Linda Blair showed us, demons don't take exorcism lying down. They'll fight back, spewing shmup bullet hell-style shots all over as we type Ray's spells out. Oh, and he's mostly speaking Latin spells, so we won't even have the help of familiar words our fingers already know.

It looks and sounds mighty intimidating but I'd have to get my fingers on it to really know. A lot will come down to how elegant or clumsy it is to multitask on the keyboard. Today's announcement mentions we'll have the option to "play with the keyboard for a typing experience or with a gamepad for a rhythm experience" so it can't all be supermurder.

The Textorcist is due in early 2019, probably by the end of March. Morbidware are the developers, and Headup Games are publishing. Its Steam page is already up.

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