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Khorne's minions arrive in Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor - Martyr before an overhaul

Patches for the patch god!

When Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor - Martyr launched (we'll just be calling it Martyr, okay?), it was a bit rough. While not awful (it does have some satisfyingly beefy explosions), it certainly wasn't the best of action-RPGs. On top of broader structural issues, there just wasn't enough to see, do or stab. Thankfully, developers Neocore have been hard at work improving it, previously adding Dark Eldar baddies and today introducing the followers of the Blood God, Khorne to shoot n' loot. The studio have also announced a major 'version 2.0' overhaul for the game, due early next year.

While I've not had a chance to reinstall the game yet and poke around the new content, Neocore say that there's eleven new enemy types introduced in this update. The level cap has also been increased and a new subsector is open on the galactic map. They've also introduced a new system inherent in fighting Khorne forces. See, the blood god likes slaughter, even his own troops getting killed. So as you kill more Khorne units, the weather changes and the Khorne marines and demons get tougher. If I'm reading the patch notes right, there may be some blood-rain. Fittingly metal.

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The Dark Eldar were introduced in the previous big patch.

As well as the new angry lads in red, Neocore announced what they're calling 'Martyr 2.0 - Touch of The Omnissiah'. A major overhaul type update, starting with making the main story campaign playable in co-op from start to finish, a general re-balance, extended endgame, reworked crafting, some quality-of-life improvements and more. It's a sweeping-sounding set of changes, though doesn't surprise me too much - Neocore's previous Van Helsing trilogy of action RPGs transformed over their their lifetime, eventually getting combined into a single extended campaign.

The Season 2 update for Martyr is live now, and Khorne's boys are doing their thing. You can read the full patch notes, and Neocore's plans for 'Martyr 2.0' here. The game is also 25% off on Steam at present (£25.49/€37.49/$37.49), although you might want to wait until after the holidays  and the new version before diving in.

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