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Spell Paladin deck list guide - Rastakhan - Hearthstone (December 2018)

A closer look at one of the expected new archetypes in Rastakhan's Rumble.

Spell Paladin is a Hearthstone deck built around the new Spirit and Loa cards that are coming to the class in Rastakhan’s Rumble. As a new archetype, there’s still a lot of speculation as to how well it will function or whether it will be viable in the new meta, although there’s certainly some potential based on the new cards that have been shown off so far.

First up there’s Shirvallah, the Tiger. This minion starts at 25 mana but reduces in cost by one for each mana you spend on spells throughout a game. Therefore, the aim of the deck is to use many of the Paladin’s powerful spell cards to cut its cost significantly by the time you want to play it for a big tempo swing.

The other essential card in the deck is Spirit of the Tiger. Using this card, you can take advantage of the more expensive Paladin spells to summon a number of minions with stats equal to their cost, which can represent some serious value.

This primer on Spell Paladin will give you a good idea of how we expect the deck to play following the release of Rastakhan’s Rumble. As the archetype will undoubtedly be refined and improved over the coming weeks, we’ll be sure to update this page with all the latest information.

Spell Paladin deck list and strategy

This is the sort of deck list we expect to see for Spell Paladin. We’ll be sure to update it with a more optimised one once Rastakhan’s Rumble has been released.

2 x Righteous Protector1 x Corpsetaker
2 x Equality1 x Arcane Tyrant
2 x Immortal Prelate1 x Zilliax
2 x Sound the Bells
1 x Divine Favor
2 x Paragon of Light
2 x Blessing of Kings
2 x Consecration
2 x Spirit of the Tiger
1 x Truesilver Champion
1 x Call to Arms
1 x Farraki Battleaxe
1 x Avenging Wrath
2 x Spikeridged Steed
2 x A New Challenger...
1 x Lynessa Sunsorrow
1 x Shirvallah, the Tiger

When Rastakhan’s Rumble is released we’ll add the ID string below for you to copy into Hearthstone so you can export this deck into your game.

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Spell Paladin tips, combos and synergies

Here are some of the possible card combos that exist in this version of Spell Paladin. Many of these are key to the deck’s success so you’ll want to take full advantage of them where possible.

Here are some of the possible card combos that exist in this version of Spell Paladin. Many of these are key to the deck’s success so you’ll want to take full advantage of them where possible.

-Shirvallah, the Tiger starts at a whopping 25 mana but is reduced in cost by one for each mana you spend on spells. The deck is full of these high costs spells to get the price down significantly, so you should wait until it costs about seven mana for optimal value.

-Spirit of the Tiger has Stealth for one turn after it’s played, which should keep it safe from death when you initially drop it. Make sure you have a big spell ready to play next turn or many small ones like Sound the Bells to get the most from the card. Or, combine it with Spikeridged Steed for a powerful turn ten play.

- When you cast Divine Favor you'll draw cards from your deck and into your hand, equal to the number of cards the opponent is currently holding.

- The Paladin's classic board clear of Equality and Consecration is present in this deck - try to get as much value as you can from the play without being too greedy.

-Immortal Prelate will keep any of the enchantments cast on it throughout the game when it’s returned to your deck. You can buff it up then immediately bring it back onto the board using Call to Arms.

-Farraki Battleaxe is an excellent way to buff minions in your hand while clearing your opponent’s side of the board, especially if it hits cards such as Immortal Prelate, Zilliax and Paragon of Light.

-Lynessa Sunsorrow gains the effects on any spells you’ve cast on your other minions when she enters the battlefield. Save her for the late-game when you expect her to be well-buffed.

-With all the high-cost spells in the deck Arcane Tyrant can be a particularly strong tempo play alongside Call to Arms and A New Challenger...

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