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Crossout's open-world PvE adventure mode rolls into closed beta

A story mode? Oh, what a lovely day!

Crossout has come full circle, or maybe it's just done a donut? Targem's free-to-play vehicular build n' shooter has been PvP-centric since launch, but today rolled out an open-world adventure mode into closed beta, packed with missions scripted and dynamic. Considering that Crossout's roots lie in Targem's old Hard Truck series of post-apocalyptic vehicular action RPGs, it's a natural fit - a return to form, even. Right now the new PvE sandbox can be signed up for access to, or bought straight into. Check out the extensive update notes here, or a little teaser trailer below.

While new players will have to cut their teeth on smaller-scale scenarios and botmatches, adventure mode is unlocked at character level 3, not long into the game. Once you're out in the open world area, there'll be NPCs to do missions for, raider camps to shoot and some new resources to collect. Adventure mode is solo by default, but you can invite (before launching a sortie) up to three players to join in, and they can help out with your personal story missions, too. There are some special missions that require an organised group, although these are considered optional.

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Crossout is still in open beta, and rolling out new major features (such as adventure mode) on a semi-regular basis. While initially limited to wheeled and tracked vehicles, higher-level players can now get access to walking spider-mech or hover-jet propulsion systems, giving the game a far more sci-fi look. Doubly so when you start to factor in more exotic weapons like electro-blasters and railguns. While improved over earlier versions, its business model does seem a bit skewed in favour of paying players - worse so than Gaijin-published stablemate War Thunder - hopefully that, too, will improve in time.

The Adventure Mode closed beta update is live, but to access it there's two routes in. Players can request a beta invite here, or buy the £18/€20/$20 Wholesale Recall Pack from Steam or Gaijin's store, a starter pack including a very Mad Max-ish muscle car with three shotgun turrets. Alternatively, you could just wait until it properly launches as free for everyone. Crossout itself is free-to-play and is available here on Steam or direct via publisher Gaijin Entertainment.

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