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Hylics 2 continues to look chuffing gorgeous


It's commonly accepted that Devil Daggers is the best-looking and best-sounding video game and I can't say I disagree, though I do understand why the other popular choice is Hylics. Watching a new trailer for Mason Lindroth's sequel to his psychedelic claymation RPG, I think there's a chance I might be swayed. God, the airship travel sequences alone... ah, you'll see. Hylics 2 continues to explore a world built from scanned clay models, battling baddies and generally muttering "Coo, this is flipping gorgeous" as the weirdos wander and our leather-clad hands waggle in the first-person spellcasting animations and the warbling guitar and I'm losing proper words because there's so much that's so good. WATCH.

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God! It's rare for a game to look and sound so fully itself. Stunning.

Hylics 2 is due out on Windows and Mac in summer 2019. Mason Lindroth has launched a fundraiser to help support its development, if you wanna. The first Hylics, released in 2015, is only £2/$3 on and Steam.

Elsewhere in the world of rad-lookin' claymation games, Jack King-Spooner is currently Kickstarting his Sluggish Morss: Pattern Circus. It's over half-way to its £7,000 goal with three weeks left to go.

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