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Claymation RPG Hylics 2 is out now


Today has brought the launch of Hylics 2, sequel to the 2015 RPG with the best spellcasting animations in the genre. Made with a mix of clay models and stop-motion animation, it is such a looker. Sounds great, too. I dig its whole surreal, psychedelic vibe. The first one was great fun and I am very much looking forward to clocking off today so I can jack into the sequel. Here, watch this trailer.

Hylics 2 is a turn-based RPG in an olde JRPG-y way. You build a party of pals, explore, battle baddies, and fly around on an airship - the Finalest Fantasy mode of transport. It just happens to have, y'know, all that style. And god, what style. I adore it. Maybe the best-looking game of the year so far. Come at me, Naughty Dog.

There's a great deal of satisfaction in figuring out quite what things are in Hylics. It is conventional in a lot of ways, but by not reusing familiar aesthetics and language it becomes quite delightful and surprising.

Hylics 2 is out now on Steam and, with a 15% launch discount bringing it down to £10.25/€11.24/$13.49. It's made by Mason Lindroth with Chuck Salamone chipping in on music too.

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