July 2014 Archive

    1. Week in Tech: Random Screen Round Up
    2. Aegis Defenders Hoping To Be Money Makers On Kickstarter
    3. Wot I Think: The Room
    4. Computational! Prison Architect Adds Logic Circuits
    5. POE Face: Path Of Exile - Forsaken Masters
    6. Nyyoooom: F1 2014 And 2015 Announced
    7. Colin McRae Rally Released On Steam, Sort Of, Not Really
    8. No Longer A Mirage: LA Cops Early Access
    9. League Of Legends Preps For World Finals With Latest Patch
    10. Crisis On Infinite Games: Team Indie
    11. Freeware Garden: Hets
    12. AI Interference: Space Social Sim Human Orbit
    13. Interfacing! In! Space! - J.U.L.I.A.: Among The Stars
    14. Marginally Beta Price: Elite Dangerous Standard Beta Out
    1. Dote Night: The Science And Ice Cream Of Losing Streaks
    2. Revolution Continues: Deep Silver Buy Homefront Off Crytek
    3. Tactical Wizarding Action In Dragon Age: Inquisition
    4. Impressions: Crypt of the Necrodancer
    5. Life In The 'War On Terror': The Sun Also Rises
    6. Wot I Think: UnEpic
    7. Random Universe Generator: Nested Is The Best Thing
    8. All That Power: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Story Trailer
    9. The Sealab Of Monkey Island: Station Demo
    10. Lo-Fi Let's Play: The Curse of Crowley Manor
    11. Epic Team Deathmatch: New Unreal Tournament Video
    12. Freeware Garden: Shogun Assassin
    13. Love On Top: Mount Your Friends Out Now On Steam
    14. Sim Scribblenauts: Lexicopolis A-B-City
    15. (On The) Fritz, A First World War RPG On Kickstarter
    1. Cardboard Children - Sidibaba
    2. Molyneuxian Commandments: God Game Crest
    3. Expert Speech Skill: Pillars Of Eternity Interview Part 2
    4. Tanked Up: Bionites And Battlezones
    5. Stikbold And Noble: '70's Dodgeball Hits Greenlight
    6. Breach & Clear: Deadline (That's DEADline--DEADline!)
    7. Undying: The Walking Dead Season Three Announced
    8. Cyberpunk Cityscapes For You, Cyberpunk: Epanalepsis
    9. Shootmania Platform: Free Speedrun Mode For New Players
    10. Almost Out Of Time (Units): Mighty Tactical Shooter
    11. Freeware Garden: You Were Made For Loneliness
    12. Ben But No Dan: The Often-Ending Story
    13. Filmmakers Sourced: Saxxy Awards 2014 Announced
    14. Deduction & Dress-Up: 23 Minutes Of Sherlock Gameplay
    1. The Lighthouse Customer: Factorio
    2. #nosewers: First-Person Sneaker Neon Struct Shuns Sewers
    3. Wot I Think: Bik
    4. Spruce Bruce: Lego Batman 3 - Beyond Gotham
    5. Grand Theft Oh Whoah: iCEnhancer Mod Updated
    6. Rock It, Raccoon: Zen Pinball 2 Guardians Of The Galaxy
    7. DevLog Watch: Everything Will Be Procedural Eventually
    8. Take My Etc: Firefly Online Reunites TV Cast
    9. Pump Up The (Super Game) Jam: Episodes 2 and 3 Out Now
    10. Riftlight My Fire: Rust Devs Show Arcade Shooter Prototype
    11. A Flight To Remember: IL-2 Sturmovik
    12. Peeking Mandatory: Splitscreen Shooter Screencheat
    13. Check Out The Animation In Jenny LeClue's Pitch Video
    14. Fenix Rage Has Action, Lacks Need For Platforms
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. RPS Is Recruiting: Application Extension
    1. Dote Night: 2014 - The Year Of The Noob
    2. Back From The Depths: Risen 3 Tries To Raise My Hopes
    3. The Wicked And The Weird: Darkwood Impressions
    4. Dead Rising 3 Goes Apocalyptic With DLC
    5. Co-op Village Management In The Wilderness: Northward
    6. Claymazing: ScummVM Now Supports The Neverhood
    7. Hands-On With Bedlam, The FPS About FPSes
    8. Totally Wizard, Mate: Trine Enchanted Edition Released
    9. The Flare Path: Attends Battle Academy 2
    10. Staying Out For The Summer: RPS Social Club
    11. Whaddya Buyin'? Titanfall's Black Market And Second DLC
    12. Sleeping Sickness: BioWare Tease Horror Game
    13. Get Down For Gear Up
    14. Casting Level 8 Resurrection: Shadowgate
    1. Week in Tech: Nvidia's Gaming Tablet, No More Moore
    2. Gratuitous Announcements: Gratuitous Space Battles 2
    3. Pathologic Remake Stuff Is Coming Soon! Eek! EEK!
    4. Wot I Think: Gods Will Be Watching
    5. Freedom And Fantasy: Pillars Of Eternity Interview
    6. Survive The Bites, More Like: Survive The Nights
    7. Get A Life: The Sims 2 Ultimate Edition Is Free
    8. Braben On Star Citizen, Elite 2 Bugs & Rude Planet Names
    9. P-p-pick Up A SpaceChem: GOG Now Supports Linux
    10. Top-Down Tracy: Third Eye Crime
    11. Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly Early Accessinated
    12. Sounds Familiar: Doom 2 In Name Only
    13. Conspiracies Galore: Episodic RPG Majestic Nights
    14. Dramagame Technology: Velvet Sundown
    1. Beyond Civilization: Discovering Firaxis
    2. Heroes Of The Storm Alpha Update: Orcs & Artifacts
    3. Get Out Of Here: Areal Kickstarter Suspended
    4. Thieves, Cyborgs & Hitmen: The Humble Square Enix Bundle
    5. Tunnel Vision: The Chair's The Star
    6. You're Probably Prepared: Curse of Naxxramas Released
    7. Love You All
    8. The Creed Of Speed: The Crew's Closed Beta
    9. Lo-Fi Let's Play: Gruds in Space
    10. Gone Home And Moon Dock At Verde Station
    11. PC Gaming Alliance Reforms With Mobile As Open Gaming
    12. Word To The Wiseau: The Room Coming To PC
    13. Battlefield Hardline Slips An Awful Lot
    14. Dragon Age: Inquisition Slips Just A Tiny Bit
    1. Cardboard Children - Jamaica
    2. Downloadable Coronet: Dark Souls II - Lost Crowns DLC
    3. Wot I Think: Dynetzzle Extended
    4. Viking Versus Giants: Jotun Now Kickstarting
    5. Editorial: Game Names Are Almost Universally Terrible
    6. A Team Won Dota 2's International, Plus Misc. Thoughts
    7. Offworld Trading Company Prototype Now Available For $80
    8. First Person, Cuter: Lovely Planet
    9. Mode Seven Explain Why Frozen Cortex Left The Frendzone
    10. Canada Route Zero: Highway Of Tears Demo
    11. H2O: Chemical Puzzler Sokobond Now On Steam
    12. Bird-Brained: Nelly Cootalot's On Greenlight
    13. Awkward Zombie: A Gaming Webcomic About Games
    14. Stikbold & The Beautiful: '70s-Styled Dodgeball With Whales
    1. The Lighthouse Customer: Robocraft
    2. Training Wheels: Train Simulator 2015 Introducing School
    3. Of Guards And Thieves Is Like Tom Clancy's Monaco
    4. Devil's In The Draw Distance: Into The Gloom
    5. Editorial: Why Steam Needs To Give New Releases A Chance
    6. Liberty City Nights: A NFS Underground-y GTA 3 Mod
    7. DevLog Watch: Super III, Prune, Book Of Dwarf, More
    8. Unscripted Sieging: 6 Rounds of Rainbow Six Siege
    9. Hands-On: Civilization - Beyond Earth
    10. What Was Prospero, The Fantasy Game Valve Never Made?
    11. Biblical Action: Super Noah's Ark 3D
    12. FIFA 15 Highlights The Emotional Intelligence Of Footballers
    13. Peeved Push Ups And Premium Memberships: The Sims 4
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. S.EXE: Hentai Edition (NSFW)
    2. Origami Army: Upside Down Dimensions
    3. Please Enjoy 8 Minutes of Alec Being Terrible At Point Perfect
    4. Sweet-Centred Discounts: Indie Piñata
    5. Why You - Even You - Should Watch The International Finals
    6. Grimdark Adventuring: Tormentum Demo
    7. It Lives Again: Blood Rises On Steam
    8. Grinding Gears: Clockwork Empires Doing 'Earliest Access'
    9. The Flare Path: John Tiller, Boredom Killer
    10. WW2 Fanfic: Sniper Elite 3 DLC Saves Churchill
    11. Don't just stand there, Come Watch ...Familiar Areal Footage
    12. Wolf This Down: Darkwood's Interactive Trailer
    13. Official Baldur's Gate Comic Goes For Your Eyes
    14. Quake On! Non-Linear Quake 4 Campaign False Dawn
    2. The Mötley Crüe Tribes 2 Theme Song Time Tried To Forget
    3. Roguey Is A Dancer: Crypt Of The Necrodancer
    4. Spin It To Win It: Pivvot
    5. The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 Trailer 1
    6. Sickstarters: Yogventures Dead, Confed. Express Postponed
    7. The News(?): Magic 2015 & Nightmare Cooperative Are Out
    8. Solarix: Hey, Who Turned Out The Lights?
    9. First-person Stealth-o-Metafiction: Somewhere
    10. Nobody Wins In The Dictator vs Call of Duty
    11. Terratech's Free DIY Sumo Tank Demo
    12. David Cronenberg's Wrestleball: Push Me Pull You
    13. The RPS Ultra Super Perfectly Coifed GaymerX Chat Show
    14. Ready To Go: Europa Universalis IV's Res Publica Expansion
    15. Fleet Battles And Friendly AI: Shallow Space
    1. Dote Night: Will I Need A Jacket?
    2. A Storm In YouTuber Heaven
    3. Fragments Of Him Gains More For Its Tale About Loss
    4. FPSRTS? YES! Executive Assault
    5. Braben On Elite, Oc Rift, Dodgy Gravity & Doing Space Right
    6. The (48) Million Dollar Game: Star Citizen
    7. Ooh You Rascal! Divinity: Original Sin Adds AI Personalities
    8. Wombo Combos With My Wallet: Abyss Odyssey Released
    9. Wot I Think: Quest For Infamy
    10. A-Mazing: Defense Grid 2 Reducing TD Clutter
    11. Aperture Tag Is A Whole New Portal Game... Without Portals
    12. Skate Or Dinosaur: OlliOlli Grinding PC Next Week
    13. Gigantic Is A Gorgeous Not-MOBA From StarCraft's Lead
    14. Bright, Like A Diamond: Schein Released
    1. Cardboard Children: Cards Against Humanity
    2. Teatime Of The Soul: The Long Dark Early Access
    3. Hi Mum, No, I'm Driving, Okay, Fine: Three Fourths Home
    4. Ninja Pizza Girl Leaps, Ducks, Bounds Onto Kickstarter
    5. Dynamic, Open World Pointy-Clicking: else { Heart.break() }
    6. BLOXCOM: Enemy Adds Random Gen, Physics To Strategy
    7. Oh Mah Gawd - Out There: Ω Edition
    8. We Aren't The Champions: Dota 2 International Playoffs Over
    9. Wot I Think: Car Mechanic Simulator 2014
    10. Invade China in Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth
    11. Out Of The Dark: Light Released
    12. The Escape Is A Free Promotional FPS That's... OK, Ish.
    13. Dawn Of The Planet Of The NOPES: The Hum's Sci-Fi Horror
    14. Riot Deactivating LoL Skin Codes To Fight Resellers
    1. The Lighthouse Customer: Unturned
    2. More Than A Bit Of Alright - Wot I Thought of Feral Vector
    3. Starbucks: Kerbal Space Program Expanding Career Mode
    4. Wonder At Space Wandering: Even The Stars
    5. Fallout-Inspired After Reset Reboots Kickstarter
    6. Listen Up, Maggots: Arma 3 Launches Bootcamps
    7. Sound Test: There Came An Echo's War Room
    8. Red Sky At Night: Tale Of Tales On Sunset
    9. MouseCraft Released, No Longer A Quantum Uncertainty
    10. Monstrous Wandering: Life On A Mountain
    12. Another 14 Minutes Of Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. This Monday: London Indie Launch Party-o-rama
    1. Wot I Think: Divinity - Original Sin
    2. Breakout Most Muscular- Bubble Tennis: Infatuation
    3. Surviving Warcraft 3: The Red Solstice Hits Early Access
    4. Da Ba Dee: BlueStreak Is Cliff Bleszinski's F2P Arena Shooter
    5. More Than Nostalgia: In Defense Of Remakes & Re-Releases
    6. Dystopian Contract Killer Simulator: Metrocide
    7. JOIN US JOIN US JOIN US: RPS Is Recruiting!
    8. Let's Chatter Over... Action Henk's Toy-stalgic Butt Sliding
    9. The Flare Path: Devoted To Dovetail
    10. Mount & Blade: Warband Saddles Up Steam Free Weekend
    11. Wot I Think - The Wolf Among Us Episode 5: Cry Wolf
    12. Slowing To A: Crawl Delay Announced With The Greatest GIF
    13. Baldur's Dash: Pillars Of Eternity Beta Begins Next Month
    1. Week in Tech: Ode To The HDD, More On AMD Mantle
    2. Industrial Venice: Euro Truck Simulator 2's Public Beta Patch
    3. Impressions: The Triumphs And Struggles Of Xenonauts
    4. Now Kickstarting: Flashback Designer's Subject 13
    5. Hands On: Due Process
    6. Unturned: Minecraft Meets DayZ Meets Huge Popularity
    7. Best Boardgames: The Cardboard Children Top 50
    8. Rampage Knights Is The Binding Of Golden Axe
    9. Train Sim Devs Getting Into Planes With Microsoft Tech
    10. No Longer Famished: Banished Getting Mod Support
    11. Mann Oh Mann: Valve Creates Early Access TF2 Servers
    12. Crazy (Not) Taxi: Roundabout Out In September
    13. Dragon Age: Inquisition Gets Hugs (!!!), 16 Mins Of Footage
    14. Ruddy Women! Watch 7 Minutes Of Abyss Odyssey
    1. Dote Night: Fairness, Tactics And The Poirot Of Esports
    2. Yes, Of Course: Grim Fandango Remaster Confirmed For PC
    3. Impressions - Habitat: A Thousand Generations In Orbit
    4. A Very Minecraft Megacity: The Endless City Mod
    5. Do Not Avoid Gamma Void (It Has Nice Particle Effects)
    6. Ripley The First: Alien Isolation DLC Recreates Movie Scenes
    7. Survarium Beta Keys: Try The Stalker-ish Multiplayer Shooter
    8. Boo! Lords of the Fallen Coming On Halloween
    9. How Epic Hopes To Avoid Pay-To-Win With Fortnite
    10. It's Not Already Out? Firefall Officially Launching This Month
    11. EA Explains Sims 4's Pool-less, Toddler-less Oblivion
    12. Morederlands: 87 Bazillion Mins Of Borderlands: Pre-Sequel
    13. How Much Hearthstone's Expansion Will (Or Won't) Cost You
    14. Penny For Your BioShocks: The Humble 2K Bundle Is A Steal
    1. Cardboard Children - Merchant of Venus
    2. Love In The Dark: Steenberg Releases Exo Test
    3. A Mysterious State Of Mind: Virginia Interview
    4. Mo' MOBAs: Gearbox Announce Battleborn
    5. Fortnite To Be Online-Only, Will Have Mods... Somehow
    6. Blues On Rails: Hurry the Sorry Word
    7. Ashen Looks Beautiful: An Open World RPG About Friends
    8. Video Preview: Epic's Fortnite Is... Interesting, Early
    9. Space Trails And Trailers: Deep Space Settlement
    10. When I Bounce Into: The Wild Wild Pixel
    11. Following Orders To The Letter: The Nightmare Cooperative
    12. Dwarf Fortress Update, The First In Two Years, Is Out Now
    13. Finally: Someone Mixed Dota 2 And Mario Kart
    14. League of Legends Getting Better, 'More Fun' Tutorial
    15. Kinect 2.0 Coming To PC Soon, Only Costs $200
    1. The Lighthouse Customer: Bot Colony
    2. Flowery: First-Person Drifter Ruah
    3. Hands And Face On: Alien Isolation On Oculus Rift
    4. YES: Ultima Ratio Regum Dev To Build Worlds Full-Time
    5. DevLog Watch: Tim Cosmonaut, Path To The Sky, More
    6. Community Conquers: C&C Online Salvages Multiplayer
    7. CBKBeebies: Dota 2 International's 'Newcomer' Commentary
    8. Spelunky SD Mod Adds Co-Op To Free Original Version
    9. See The Glitchworld: Error City Tourist
    10. Half-Life 2 Mod NeoTokyo Now Standalone On Steam
    11. Mega Bucks: Extra Crowdfunding For A Mightier No. 9
    12. Demo Forces Us To Accept Meridian: New World Is Real
    13. The Greatest Steam Store Page: School Bus Fun
    14. Save Mars With A Friend: Deadstone Demo
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Unreal Tournament's Livestreams Are Exciting For Fans/Me
    1. S.EXE: Groin Gravitators
    2. FIFA 15 Trailer Highlights "Visible Breathing", "Visible Mud"
    3. From Train Lines To Fishing Lines: Dovetail Games Fishing
    4. David Hayward On Why Games Are More Than An Industry
    5. Free-To-Frag: QuakeWorld's Once-Planned Business Model
    6. The Hunt Is Partially On: Evolve Alpha Signups
    7. Not Going Quietly Into The Night: Broforce Updated
    8. Tomorrowind? - Skywind Public Test 'Coming Soon'
    9. The Flare Path: Inspired By True Emergencies
    10. Wolf Apart From Us: Wolf Among Us S1 Ends Next Week
    11. Witcher MOBA 'Possible' On PC, But Nothing Yet
    12. The Devil Cries: Rob Pardo Pardos Ways With Blizzard
    13. Esports Org Divides Men & Women, Changes After Outcry
    14. Dear God! It's The Deer God, A 2D Platformer About Karma
    1. Week in Tech: Microsoft Loves Desktops, 3D SSDs, AMD
    2. En-sob-le: Age Of Empires Online Goes Offline
    3. The Many Downfalls Of QWOP: Double Hitler
    4. The Drax Files Are Good Documentaries About Second Life
    5. Civilization: Beyond Earth Making Planetfall In October
    6. Testers In Disguise: Transformers Universe's Open Beta
    7. Beauty Beheld: Future Unfolding
    8. Going Underground: Killing Floor's Summer Update
    9. Impressions: Space Run
    10. Gods Will Be Watching On Its Release Date: July 24th
    11. I Am Pretty Much All About This Rock Opera Game
    12. Madness Is A City: HomeMake's Crazy Mind-Swapping
    13. Murdered: Soul Suspect, Quantum Conundrum Dev Closes
    14. Re-rewind: Super Time Force Blasting Onto PC
    1. Turn-Based Gradius: Mighty Tactical Shooter
    2. Vagante Is Spelunky: The RPG And There's A Free Alpha
    3. Searim: Diluvion Is Open World Deep Sea Exploration
    4. A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build Gets Video, Hugs (!!!)
    5. Magic 2015 Summoning Ritual Complete In Two Weeks
    6. Return Of The Hustle Kings: Pure Pool
    7. John Woo-Hoo: Double Action Boogaloo Is Free, Out Now
    8. Deadly Steam Rooms Of Death: DROD On Greenlight
    9. Counter-Strike Update Adds Six Maps, Calms Dogs, More
    10. Filament Face: Bulb Boy
    11. Beleaguered: Riot Closing League Of Legends' Public Chat
    12. Doom 4 Reveal Will Not Leave QuakeCon, Apparently
    13. Like Dead Island ON ACID! Escape Dead Island Announced
    14. Damn Fine! Twin Peaks-ish, X-Files-y Virginia Announced
    1. Cardboard Children - Rab's Top 50 (10-1): The Video
    2. RPS Blather About: Mountain
    3. Lyrical Ballast: Impressions Of A Sunless Sea
    4. The Book Starts Here: Dreamfall Chapters
    5. Ubisoft On Far Cry 4's Story, Box Art, Team Diversity
    6. Ultim-Ancestor: Underworld Ascension
    7. RPS Asks: Why And How Often Do You Finish Games?
    8. Remind Yourself Of Rodina's Space Combat And Computers
    9. Tunnel Vision: The Fortnight In VR
    10. Worth The Wait? - Cube World Getting New Quests
    11. Planetary Annihilation Early Access Being Sold In Stores
    12. No Man's Sky Devs On Uncertainty Around PC Release, Mods
    13. We Can Rebuild Him: Mighty No. 9 Looking Mighty Fine