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Ready To Go: Europa Universalis IV's Res Publica Expansion

Run your own republican dictatorship

Where does DLC end and an expansion begin? What's the difference between DLC and a mini-expansion? Are all downloadable expansions DLC anyway? Stirring those muddy waters with a stick and giggling, those Paradox rascals have released what they're calling "the third expansion" for Europa Universalis IV, which they're also saying is sort of a "mini-expansion." What scamps.

Res Publica is out now in the usual places for £3.99, giving opportunities to run your own republican dictatorship, schmooze with aristocrats, guilds and traders, and shake up staid Dutch elections.

For EU4 at least, the distinction between DLC and expansions seems to be that anything adding simply more 'content' like units and maps is DLC, while new systems make it an expansion. So here's what you'll get in Res Publica:

  • New government type - Republican Dictatorship: Republic tradition does not increase regularly during Dictatorship and you will be presented with opportunity to gain power by losing Republic Tradition or losing power while gaining Republic Tradition during your rule.
  • New faction system: Consisting of Aristocrats, Traders and Guilds. Spend power to increase faction influence and reap the benefits of a specific faction’s bonuses.
  • New election events for Dutch Republics: Centered around Statists and Orangists. If Statists are in power elections are held every 4 years, a new ruler will always be be chosen out of 2 random candidates. With Orangists in power there is no election until the ruler is deceased.
  • New Idea Groups: This new feature opens up a the possibility for expanded exploration.

Europa Universalis is one of those series I find far too overwhelming even just looking at screenshots, so I'll nod and say "Yes, politics, good. Get those Orangists. Right on."

A hefty patch also arrived alongside Res Publica. The changelog's over here.

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