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Breakout Most Muscular- Bubble Tennis: Infatuation

"Just feed her foie gras whenever she screams and don't let her stay up later than 2am", I bellowed to my visiting parents as I left them with my one-year-old for the evening. "I'm off to play INDEPENDENTLY-DEVELOPED VIDEOGAMES." They started at my retreating back with awe. No-one in the whole wide world was as cool as Alec Meer, they thought, before offering my baby her bedtime pint of rum. They were correct, because I was off to the lovely Games By The Sea, an indie showcase/gathering held in Brighton earlier this week.

I played mad things that involved four people slapping a touch-screen monitor at high speed, I watched the magnificent Gang Beasts, I marvelled at the eternal splendour of Nidhogg, and I played a volleyball/Breakout/muscle beach mash-up called Bubble Tennis: Infatuation. Now you can play it too.

It's the work of UK dev Eddy Parris, who I should admit to knowing a little from the Brighton games crowd. I also think that he's a nice fellow. Is there no limit to my depraved corruption?

Anyway, just look at its super-stylised musclegonks. Feel suitably awed and amused by them, then round up a friend, or devise some other means of making someone join you at your PC or More Expensive PC With A Worse Graphics Card, and play Pong with them. Pong with super-shots and breakable walls over the goals, and best of all a button that causes your character to pull The Crab pose to celebrate a well-placed ball, or simply to psyche out/arouse your opponent.

It's a work in progress, so all is subject to change - though feedback will likely be appreciated - and it's perhaps better suited to larger social events where you can have a crowd eyeballing your hulking alt-sports heroism, but it's a jolly good time and a stylishly silly twist on an ancient formula. Download it for no-pennies from here.

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