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FIFA 15 Trailer Highlights "Visible Breathing", "Visible Mud"

Authentic improved visual features

There's little I like more than chatting with my co-workers about videogames. Why, it was just earlier today that Adam turned to me and asked, "Hey Graham, what's your favourite gameplay feature?" I responded with something typically pithy, remarking that "My favourite gameplay features is the incredible visuals. For example the whole new level of visuals which bring fully realised arenas with Living Pitches to FIFA 15, as demonstrated in its new trailer. It's a natural environment true-to-life look."

Then we yelled the word "authentic" back and forth at each other for fifteen minutes. That very trailer is embedded below.

Can FIFA 15's Living Pitch get together with Rainbow Six: Siege's Living Hostage? The hostage could crawl around begging little robot cameras for help, each desperate scrabble dynamically marking and muddying the playing field. Or maybe the marketers who name these things should just date.

I can't wait to play this game. Seriously! Recent iterations of FIFA have been so good. Simon Kuper writes that "football is best understood as a dance for space", and FIFA captures that, especially when played head-to-head with another human. It's as much about real-time tactics, finding angles, creating space and triggering runs as it is the base machinery of passing and shooting.

But no, I probably wouldn't have otherwise noticed "incredible new features like visible breathing and hair movement." Probably I'll notice this year's tweaks to player pace, turning speed and defensive manouvers, and whether any of these tweaks fix underlying control issues in the series or the overpowered crosses of FIFA 14.

In other words, the next few months are going to be insufferable, as I continue to watch each new trailer and scream against the bounds of its language and my inescapable excitement. I apologise in advance.

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