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And Another: FIFA 15's 'Next Gen' Engine Coming To PC

Liquid football

For a long time, FIFA games on PC lagged behind their console counter-parts. Then FIFA 11 came out and brought the joy of parity; the PC version was finally the same as the 360 and PS3 releases, with the maximum number of realistic brick falls, awkward tumbling hugs and imprecise auto-passes that the series could muster. Unfortunately FIFA 14 eventually followed and the world was once again plunged into darkness, as XBone and PS4 players received a fancy new physics engine called Ignite - with harder falls, manlier hugs, equally imprecise auto-passing - while us PC chumps were stuck with an aging FIFA 13.5.

Now FIFA 15 is once again making us all equals.

EA Sports announced the plan in a post on their blog, ahead of next week's E3 reveal of the game. They also mention the minimum and recommended system specifications, which is useful.

What's not mentioned is what new features the new game includes. FIFA has a long history of ignoring core issues with its systems in favour of adding new features it can give capitalised names to, like Advanced Ball Grobbling, Instant Flick Matrix and One-to-One Foot Positioning. Personally I'd settle for them coming out and listing a set of really basic fixes, like "The ball will go in the direction you're pushing more often," or "The referees now understand the advantage rule" or "We've fixed the netcode on PC so playing online is less of an exercise in frustration."

But we'll see.

There's no trailer for the game yet, so here's Rock, Paper, Shotgun's favourite ever football video:

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