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How FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Is Addressing Coin Glitching

And raising trading caps

FIFA is that game series I play while the rest of RPS shake their heads and sigh slightly. FIFA Ultimate Team is the mode I spend money on, using real currency to buy virtual football stickers which heal bruises on virtual footballer's thighs, while the rest of RPS wrestle me to the ground and try to get the debit card out of my hand before I bankrupt myself. The fight will intensify: FIFA 16 [official site] is making changes to FUT, which includes lifting the artificial caps FIFA 15 introduced for price ranges on the player trading market. There's a video explaining the changes below.

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I'll summarise: FIFA 15 introduced minimum and maximum caps on the range you could sell or buy footballers for as part of its attempts to limit the impact of dodgy FIFA coin trading happening outside of the market. To stop, essentially, Cristiano Ronaldo inflating like a balloon till only those who shop on eBay could afford him. This is also why they removed the ability to trade players from the FIFA website or mobile apps, keeping everything in-game and apparently more secure.

Now they say that FIFA 16 has better security that lets them limit or detect coin-trading and coin-glitching in other ways, so the market caps are gone and trading via web and apps is back. The video does imply however that if coin trading remains a problem, tighter caps may return.

I didn't get into FUT in FIFA 15 as I did the previous two iterations of the game, though mostly because the eternally shifting balance between the importance of attacking versus defending landed in a space I didn't enjoy as much. I've yet to try the recently released FIFA 16 demo to see how this year's compares.

In any case, Adam is my football footpal and understands my love of inverted pyramids. Hey Adam, see that second West Ham goal last night? Belter!

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